We Are Doing Our Home Work

Do you remember the first time you called asking about your trip? Who answered? Was it Mirela or Isabel? Who emailed you back? Was it Susan, Jane, Evelyn, or Rebecca? When you requested a brochure, did Kathleen send it? When you commented on a Facebook post, did Matt reply? Maybe you even spoke with Brenda or Marienna about a billing question or Edita about booking a new trip.

Chances are, you’re already on a first-name basis with our staff. We hope so. We don’t only want to be your pilgrimage travel company, we want to be your champions. We’ll be cheering for you as you walk the Via Dolorosa, bathe in the healing waters at Lourdes, or follow in the footsteps of your favorite saints through Italy, Spain, or Poland. We will pray with you in Medjugorje and Fatima and enjoy a pint together in Ireland!

Even though travel may not be your top priority right now, when you are ready to talk trips, we will be ready to listen. Our quest for excellence has been a 33-year journey, and we share your passion for pilgrimage travel. We’ll do our best to provide you with a memorable pilgrimage of hope, relief, and gratitude. And whether we are working in the office or from our homes, we understand that your next trip will be the most deserved ever, after what you have been through! We get it and promise to make sure that your next trip is the best one yet.


In response to NJ Governor Murphy’s most recent statement regarding non-essential businesses, Select International Tours and Cruises is closing its office until further notice.

Our entire staff will be working from home. We have access to everything we need to continue service. Please watch our website and social media accounts for updates.

If you need to reach us, please use the form located here: https://selectinternationaltours.com/covid-19-question/

Thank you for your continued support.

The Select International Team

Fellow pilgrims,

Thank you for your continued patience and prayers as we navigate the uncharted waters of the travel world in the time of COVID-19.  Like you, we have all been reeling with the constant influx of information and opinion.

We have spoken with many of you over the past several days and we truly appreciate your patience, kindness, and understanding. The fluidity of the changes has shaken the entire travel industry and our outstanding partners, stateside and overseas, have been working around the clock to address new challenges as they present themselves.

It is important that you know that we are working hard to serve your needs during this time. In order to protect our staff and to comply with local requirements, we have begun limiting our staff’s time and contact in the office. Much of our staff will work from home for the time-being. We has been working behind the scenes to assure that each mmber of our team has access to every resource they need as they continue to serve you.

As always, we are committed to serving pilgrims. Your questions and concerns about traveling are important to us. Below are answers to some common questions that we have been receiving.

If you have questions that are specific to your situation, please email your Travel Account Manager directly. Their email can be found on the brochure for your trip. For general questions, we ask that you please use the link below. The message you leave there will be directed to the individual most able to help you. We will do our very best to respond to ALL questions within 1 business day.

During these tumultuous times we continue to work on future trips and projects. We all remain dedicated to honoring the relationships we have forged over three decades as we offer our unwavering optimism for the future. We’ll keep you posted on new developments and will be excited to have you travel with us in the future. We are keeping all of you in our daily prayers and petitioning the Holy Spirit to guide the decision-makers and offer protection to all!

Thank you for your loyalty.

Your team at Select International Tours and Cruises!

Is My Trip Cancelled?

We are notifying pilgrims as their trips become cancelled or postponed. If you have not heard from us that means your trip has not been cancelled at this time.  Please know that we will communicate changes in your trip as soon as we have the information to do so.

Why is Select not cancelling trips?

Select International Tours is a tour operator. We organize, administrate, and advise group leaders on travel details, bookings, itineraries, transportation, and guide services for over 100 trips a year. Our job is to provide travel arrangements. Our role is to advise and recommend.  Decisions for the group ultimately belong to the group leader for each trip. Your group leader will be in consultation with us to make the final decision regarding your trip.

Is Oberammergau cancelled?

The Oberammergau Passion Play committee has postponed the Passion Play until 2022.

Is it true that Group Deluxe Travel Protection does not cover Coronavirus?

Yes. Group Deluxe Travel Protection only covers cancellation due to sickness or death of you, your travel companion, or an immediate family member, or a work-related issue. If you would like to review the policy terms, please visit our Travel Protection Page and select the documents for your state of residence on the right-hand side near the bottom of the page.

What happens if…

There continue to be many unknown and impossible to predict changes. The list of possible situations that may present themselves are unfathomable, however, the following guidelines continue to inform Select international Tours’ decisions and should serve as a roadmap for potential changes:

  • If your group leader decides to cancel or postpone the trip, Select will do it’s best to negotiate a travel credit with the suppliers we have paid in service of your trip.
    • Please note, that many airline and hotels are offering refunds to individual travelers, however, this is not necessarily the case with Group Air reservations.
  • If you purchased Travel Protection, as advised by Select, at the time of your reservation, you may file a claim, depending on what type of insurance you chose to buy or to take a future travel credit.
    • Complete terms and conditions regarding the future travel credit will accompany communication regarding the cancellation or postponement.

What happens to my Travel Protection coverage if I take the future travel credit?

We have successfully negotiated the credit of your Travel Protection coverage if you opt to take the future travel credit in lieu of a Travel Protection claim. You will be able to carry the same coverage policy over to the new trip; however, you cannot upgrade your coverage.

My trip has not been cancelled; can I still purchase Travel Protection?

Yes. You may purchase Group Deluxe Travel Protection up until the time of departure. However, please be sure to understand what is and is not covered by Group Deluxe coverage. Details can be found on our Travel Protection page.

Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection can only be purchased within 14 days of registration.

My trip has not been cancelled by the Group leader, but I wish to cancel, what happens now?

If you decide to cancel, please email the account manager (their email address will be on your most recent invoice) and inform them of your intention to cancel. If you purchased the suggested Travel Protection, they will advise you on how to file a claim with Travel Insured International. All cancellation fees, per the Terms and Conditions on our website and your registration form, apply.

With all that is happening, will Select International still be in business?

Yes! Select International Tours and Cruises has been in business for 34 years and has endured many challenges. In each, we have learned, grown, and come out stronger. Our company is financially sound and sufficiently staffed to continue to provide service to group leaders and pilgrims during and after this most recent challenge. We are dedicated and passionate about pilgrimage and we look forward to helping you reach your pilgrimage destination as soon as possible.

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