Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why choose Select International Tours & Cruises?

A. Select International Tours & Cruises, Inc. is a group tour operator. For over twenty-eight years we have organized group travel to Europe, Holy Land, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Canada, USA and Latin America. We coordinate cruise, land and air arrangements directly with the suppliers bypassing any middlemen, thus enabling us to provide excellent pricing to our clients. Most of the programs we create are based on specific needs and requests of the clients; however, you will find many suggested programs on this website.

Q. Do you handle individual travel?

A. Generally we work with groups of 10 or more people. We do accept individual bookings, when we can accommodate them on one of our group departures.

We also handle FIT travel (foreign individual travel) for four or more people whereby we custom design a program to suit the needs of the passengers specifically. Usually this type of travel provides the most freedom and convenience but is also the most costly. We book air and land, transfers, hotels, sightseeing, guided visits, special events, etc.

Q. How do I choose a program?

A. You can browse our extensive list of programs on our websites under “Tours.” Here you can find different tours that cater to a variety of different interests and tastes such as food and wine tours, or art and architecture through Europe. You can also join a scheduled group by viewing the various fliers under “Find my Group.”

Q. Do you custom design programs?

A. Yes, many of our clients know what they wish to see and do when they travel and for them we prepare custom designed itineraries. These programs are always more labor intensive and therefore tend to be higher in cost than our scheduled departures. They also require a minimum of 15 passengers per group. Before we custom design any program we will need your assistance in carefully determining time of travel, length of travel, departure city, primary areas of interest and number of passengers expected. We cannot quote a program unless we have specific departure dates. To look at a sample of some of the custom design programs and accompanying fliers click here.

Q. Do you work with travel agents?

A. Yes, and we are very committed to supporting the travel agency distribution network. By working with a professional travel agent, you will benefit from their time, knowledge and experience. If you know a travel agent please request that they contact us, if you do not have an established relationship with a travel agent we can recommend some outstanding professionals, in the area where you live.

Q. What category hotels do you work with?

A. We prefer to work with hotels that reflect local décor and flavor. Hotels we work with range from three-star to deluxe depending on the program and the requests of the group. Even the three-star hotels we use, are chosen whenever possible in central, safe locations, and are comfortable and clean. Most of our clients choose to stay in four-star category hotels. Keep in mind Europeans hotel rooms tend to be much smaller than US rooms, and their lobbies much more intimate. Some of the smaller properties we use do not offer baggage handling.

Q. Is Select International bonded or a member of any passenger protection program?

A. We have been in business since 1987, are members of the Faith Travel Association and the National Tour Association. We have never had a lawsuit filed against us or complaints with the Better Business Bureau where we have A+ rating, or any other Consumer Protection Agency. For groups, we will be happy to provide a list of references. You may wish to view a partial client list at “Meet Our Clients” on this web site. Most companies will not divulge their client list. Select International is happy to share information of who works with us as we are the company of choice for some very discerning and well known religious and thought leaders.

We are a privately owned company, with hands-on ownership, where you can request to speak to the owner at any time. Over the past twenty years, we have weathered airport bombings, terrorism, wars, and other international turbulence, which have impacted the American public’s travel patterns. Through all these setbacks, we have emerged stronger and more resilient than ever.

Q. How do we make a reservation?

A. Reservations may be made either ONLINE or by MAIL.  The reservation is confirmed only with an online or mail deposit of $ 500.00 and a completed reservation form which you may download from this web site or the trip flier. Final payment is usually due 45 days before departure. Usually travel documents are issued 10-14 days before departures providing all payment are received on time. Terms and conditions are found on this website and apply to all Select International departures/programs. Please be sure to understand the terms and conditions and to consider purchasing travel protection to help protect you and your travel investment.

Q. What type of support can I expect from your group department?

A. The staff from our group department has extensive experience (in most cases fifteen or more years handling international group travel). They have personally visited most of the destinations we service. Our staff is easy to work with, and customer service oriented.

They will assist you with:

  • Itinerary Planning: Based on your group’s needs and goals we plan a travel program just for your group.
  • Travel arrangements: We assist you with all the travel details of the itinerary, respond to the question, handle all the back office work, complete documentation, air and land reservations and ticketing,
  • Documentation: Registration, invoicing, payments by clients and preparation of all travel documents.
  • Promotional materials: We prepare a day by day travel program, print an attractive and informative promotional flier and posters, advertise the travel program on our web site and assist you with the creation of your ads.
  • Arrange meetings with local communities and church groups in destinations where your group is traveling: Meet the Locals program introduces you to the local people who share your interest, for a special evening which many groups consider the highlight of the program.
Q. What is included in the tour price?

A. Air and land packages are very inclusive. We generally include airfare, fuel surcharges, airport taxes, hotel taxes, hotel accommodations, all transfers, tour managers, local guides, most meals, touring as per the itinerary and admission fees. Buffet breakfast and most dinners are included as specified (B), (L), (D) at the end of each itinerary day. We do not include airport transfers for land only individual bookings. Tips, Mass donations and incidental charges are not included unless specified. Travel protection is optional but highly recommended.

Q. What is not included in the tour price?

A. Beverages with meals are usually not included, airport baggage charges, tips, Mass donations, private transfers meals not specified and visa fees.

Q. When do we receive our travel documents?

A. Providing all payments are received by Select International on time, travel documents will be mailed out 2-3 weeks before departure.

Q. Does the tour price include air?

A. Usually international airfare is included in the package price along with fuel surcharges and airport taxes. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of Select air packages as occasionally a trip date may change or a trip may be cancelled. We can only protect air reservations made through Select and are not responsible for any charges incurred if the air is booked privately.

Q. How many suitcases can I take?

A. Each person should take no more than one 50 pound suitcase to be checked, and one carry-on bag (must fit in the above the seat compartment). Baggage handling for only one suitcase per person is provided at most hotels. The rule is if you cannot carry it yourself do not bring it. Many smaller hotels do not have baggage handling, nor do the train stations. Pack lightly, in color, coordinated clothes, which you can mix, and match. More tips about packing will be sent to you with your travel documents.

Security is very tight at the airports so be very careful what you pack, and how you pack, chances are you will be asked to open up your carry on and takeoff your shoes at the security checkpoints. Items that can be used as weapons will be taken away from you for the duration of the flight. We urge you to be at the airport at least three hours before departure for an international flight.

Q. How can I best prepare for the pacing and physical requirements of the trip?

A. Tour pacing varies by itinerary, however most of our trips tend to be active and busy as we would like to have you see and experience as much as possible. We recommend you start a walking program at least 60 days prior to departure that enables you to walk at least 1-2 hours comfortably daily at relatively fast speed. Comfortable walking shoes are essential. Many towns have cobblestone streets, uneven terrain, many steps and are located in hilltop locations. Should you need special meals or have a medical requirement we must be notified in writing at least 30 days before departure of any special requests or conditions. While Select and our partners will do all we can to fulfill your request we cannot promise the airlines and the hotels will be able to accommodate them, and cannot be responsible.

Q. Is the water safe to drink?

A. Yes, the water is safe, in most destinations, however it is much better to buy bottled water and be worry-free.

Many additional questions will be answered by reading Select International’s “Travel Tips,” which are sent out with your travel documents. We urge you to look through them carefully.We believe in the power of personal contact.

For specific questions, you may e-mail  or call us at 800-842-4842

Q. How does travel insurance reimburse for the cost of the single supplement when a roommate cancels a trip?

A. The reimbursement for the cost of the single supplement when a roommate cancels a trip works as follows:

If your roommate cancels you are required to pay the single supplement and additional insurance premium.  If your roommate cancelled for medical/work related reasons, you can file a claim and get reimbursed for the single supplement, as long as you had insurance.

If your roommate cancels for reasons other than medical/work, you will only get reimbursed if you have CFAR insurance.

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