How to Set Up an Online Claim

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Before filing a Claim

You will need to notify Select International Tours of your intention to cancel your trip. The process generally follows the following sequence:

  • You email your Travel Account Manager at Select International Tours to request a cancellation.
    • You can find their email addess on the brochure for your trip or on a recent invoice
  • Select International Tours will email you a Final Invoice and a Travel Insurance Letter
  • Your Plan Number is listed after your name on the Travel Insurance Letter
    • It looks like this: 200311GRP12345
  • You can then file your claim with Travel Insured via phone or on their website (recommended) using your Plan Number

Start a Claim

View Claim and Download Forms

                     “Click here if you are part of a group or tour to start your claim”– in red


                        use FAST TRACK

  • Then select “CLAIM STATUS”
  • You will have to input your plan number and last name again to access to the claim history and documents/forms
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