Important Information

Group Air

Select International Tours is a tour company that specializes in group travel. We negotiate and secure group air contracts with all major airlines departing from the designated airport for each group. This allows us to keep all passengers within the group traveling together, in most cases utilizing best air rates.

Group air contracts differ from individually purchased airline tickets in many ways. When group air contracts are negotiated, we are deposit a certain number of seats at the same rate. Unused seats must be released at least 90 days prior to departure to avoid a $ 100.00 per unused seat penalty.  It is important to receive your registration by the deadline stated on the flyer. Once the seats are released back to the airlines, we may be able to accommodate you traveling at a different air rate or on a different airline.

Group air contracts limit us in what types of deviations are allowed and in some cases we may need to issue individual tickets. In order to issue an individual ticket we must receive full payment. Taxes and fuel costs are subject to change until the tickets are issued.

Domestic add-on tickets

We can assist you with domestic air to connect with our international group air if you wish. Indicate on the registration form which airport you wish us to research air from. We recommend you purchase domestic air through Select International because in case of a group cancellation or itinerary & flight changes we are not responsible for fees or charges incurred unless the tickets are purchase through us.

We will provide you with best schedule to connect with the flight (we are not able to help you with tickets that do not connect directly to the international flight) and the best price by e-mail. We require an acceptance within 24 hours of our offer along with full payment otherwise the rate is subject to change based on availability. We cannot quote any domestic air request more than twice. 

Business Class and Economy Plus Seats

We are happy to assist you with business class and economy plus seats. Upon request, we will quote the rate which is subject to change until we receive payment to purchase the seats.

Passport and Visa information

All airlines require valid passport information including full name (first, middle and last), date of birth, gender, country, in which your passport has been issued and passport expiration date. To ensure that we can provide this information accurately, we require a photo copy of each person’s passport traveling on each tour. Your passport must be valid 6 months from the trip return date. It is the passenger’s responsibility to check if visas are required for the destinations visited and to obtain any necessary visa’s and travel documents. Select International Tours does not provide information or assistance about passports or visa requirements.

Frequent Flyer Numbers

Select International cannot assist you if you wish to reserve air using FF miles nor do we update your travel records with Frequent Flyer #’s. Please call the airline directly.

Seat Requests and Seat Changes

Select International Tours DOES NOT provide assistance with passenger’s seating preferences or requests. Due to the large number of passengers we are unable to provide this service unless the request is made in writing due to a medical issue in which case we will request a seat with the airline but cannot guarantee that the seat will be confirmed.   Please understand that although requests are being made directly with the airline, not every request is guaranteed or granted by the airline. If you would like to have seat number assigned, please contact the airline directly upon receipt of your ticket numbers or change your seats upon check-in at the airport prior to departure.

“Land Only” (not purchasing group air with Select International Tour Package)

We understand that some passengers may wish to purchase their own air transportation for their tour. Arranging transportation on your own gives you the ability to use your flight miles for your ticket, secure the seat you desire/require, or deviate from the group. Airport transfers are not provided for passengers purchasing land only (not purchasing air with us) or arriving at any time different from the group. If you wish to enjoy the benefit of the group transfer, please be sure you are at the airport at the same time as the group.

On certain itineraries airport transfers, may be very costly as the group may be traveling a far distance from the airport on the first or last day. If the flight schedule you purchase arrives or departs at a time different from the group, it is your responsibility to join the group either at the airport or at the first hotel.

Flight cancellations or delays

In case your flight is cancelled or delayed please work with the airline directly at the airport to be rebooked on the first available flight out. Once you know your new flight and time of arrival contact the emergency number provided in your travel documents to notify your guide of the delay. Any incurred costs are out of pocket and not included as part of the trip cost.  The cost of private transfers in case of delays are not covered as part of your trip cost. You may file a claim with your insurance provider or with the airlines upon your return. Receipts will be required.

Single rooms

A limited number of single rooms is available on each trip. If you wish to share a room and are traveling along let us know at time of registration. We will connect you with another single person looking to share if possible. The cost of the insurance will be adjusted to reflect the single supplement as insurance costs are based on total trip price.

Should we not be able to accommodate all single room requests and you are not able to willing to share, a complete refund will be provided. 

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