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When you visit another country, essentially you are a guest and should adhere to positive behavior and etiquette. We hope that you will respect the local cultures and values of the places that you visit.  Read More….

Travel Photography Ethics

We all know by now, photos make a trip last a lifetime and in today’s digital age, taking a photo has become very easy. You don’t even need to remember to pack the camera, as most cell phones are now equipped with technology that not only takes a photo, but also allows you to send it to your entire contact list, or upload it onto the internet for the world to see in a matter of seconds. Friends and family can view your photos instantly and share with their friends and family via Facebook and other social media networks.  Read More….

Green Reading

A list of some of our favorite books on sustainable travel, the environment, nature and religion. Check back often for updates and feel free to send us your recommendation for the list!.  Read More….

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