NTA is the premier organization for people in the travel business, governed by a 17-member board of directors. The organization is based in Kentucky, USA, but its membership spans the globe and consists of travel suppliers, international tourist boards, convention bureaus, site attractions, tour operators, travel agents and group travel planners. 

Edita Krunic, President of Select International Tours and Cruises, a thirty-two-year-old faith based and group tour company, was one of the founders of the Faith Travel Association and a member of the associations advisory board for five years. Faith Travel Association has been converted to the status of the Faith Travel Advisory Group. NTA, has encouraged niche tour operators to expand their market presence and network by joining a professional association.  Through her work on behalf of the faith-based travel market, Edita has gained recognition as a proponent for establishing professional standards for service providers which would protect consumers. 

The main focus of NTA is on providing opportunities for members to connect through sharing information, building professional networks and attending two annual events, the Travel Exchange and Contact.  NTA also focuses on education and professional development and travel industry lobbying efforts in Washington D.C.    

Edita has been an active member of NTA for over ten years, has attended most Travel Exchange conferences and is a highly regarded presenter at many of its workshops on the topic of sales and marketing and Faith Based Travel.  “It is an honor to be elected to the board of  directors by my peers in the travel industry. NTA is an outstanding association focused on member benefits. It is my pleasure to serve with an outstanding group of people for the benefit of the entire organization”, said Edita after the elections for the board were completed. 

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