Oberammergau Announcement

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March 19, 2020
Late this morning, we were notified that the Oberammergau Passion Play is postponed until 2022. As you might imagine, this affects you and the thousands of pilgrims who planned to attend the play.
Trips to Oberammergau have many moving parts and several third-party suppliers. Everyone at Select International is working hard to assure the best outcome for you and the many other pilgrims who are affected by this news. There are many questions, and we are working hard to get answers. We understand how disappointing this is and how frustrating it is to wait for responses. We appreciate your patience.
The COVID-19 epidemic is an unprecedented international challenge that has made the everchanging landscape of global travel more complex. The entire travel industry is working with continually changing information and fluid logistical challenges.
The entire Select International staff is working tirelessly to navigate each challenge and provide our pilgrims with the best possible outcome. As soon as we can confirm and negotiate details with suppliers and Group Leaders, we will communicate the next steps for your trip; this may take some time.
The Oberammergau Passion Play Ticketing department does not expect to begin working with travel companies until after April 6, 2020, as they need the time to put systems and procedures in place for this unprecedented situation. Your understanding and patience are appreciated.
Please continue to watch this page for regular updates. Specifics for your trip will come via email as soon as they are available. Again, this will take time.
We are working with groups by departure date, so those with scheduled departures later in the year may have to wait longer. We appreciate all of you, and we want to give you all the service you deserve, so please be patient as we assist those ahead of you.
Please know that we are working at full capacity to attend to everyone affected. We serve thousands of pilgrims a year, and each phone call and email takes time. Half of our staff is working at home to observe responsible social distancing practices, routing phone calls to them takes additional time. Please check our Update Page regularly and hold calls and emails regarding status updates. Your patience will give us time to work with the pilgrims with departure dates earlier than yours.
On another note, thank you for the many prayers and words of encouragement you have sent our way. It is heartbreaking for us to see so many pilgrims affected by this outbreak. In our 34 years, we never could have expected such challenges. Your trust and prayers are giving us strength in these trying times.
Thank you.
The Select International Team
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