Oberammergau Passion Play, 2022

In answer to the prayerful vows of the faithful, Oberammergau was spared from the bubonic plague in 1633. In 1634, they fulfilled their part of the vow and produced the first Oberammergau Passion Play. Every ten years, Oberammergau welcomes visitors, from all over the world, to another production of the now famous drama.

The entire town gets involved and supplies the production with more than 2,000 actors, musicians, and crew. Because the Passion Play is only performed every ten years, the demand for tickets is very high. This is your chance to guarantee a seat in Oberammergau and experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

There is SO much to see and experience in Bavaria!

Bavaria is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Here are 100 seconds of all the unique things Bavaria has to offer tourists and pilgrims.

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2022 Oberammergau Pilgrimages

We are busy rebooking most of the tours that were postponed until 2022 due to COVID-19. Please check back often, as we will be adding each trip as they are booked. To get a preview of some of the tours we are working on, please see the brochures below. Also, if you would like to be notified as we add or rebook trips to Oberammergau, you can sign up to receive email updates at the bottom of this page.

2020 Oberammergau Pilgrimages

The Oberammergau Passion Play Committee announced on Thursday, March 19, 2020, that they would be postponing the Passion Play until 2022. We are waiting for more details from them and expect to know more by April 6, 2020. To learn more about the postponement, click HERE.

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