Our Sustainable Tourism Policy

What is sustainable tourism?

Sustainable tourism is the practice of reducing the negative impact that travel and tourism may cause to a local environment and culture, while also helping to generate income and employment for the local people. The word “sustainable” means to keep in existence or be able to maintain. To practice sustainable tourism means to conserve resources and increase the value of the local culture; essentially it means taking a “green” approach to travel.

Why practice sustainable tourism?

Each year, nearly 1 billion tourists travel around the world. By being a responsible traveler, you will help protect the places you love to visit, not just for yourself and for future travelers, but for the people who live there as well. The benefit to you as a traveler is a more rewarding and authentic experience, as well as a deeper connection with the people and the places of your destination.

Our Policy

Select International recognizes the effect that travel and tourism has on the local community and to the local environment. As a group tour organizer, we are committed to limiting the physical impact to our planet and the communities we visit, so that future generations can enjoy the same travel experiences. Therefore, we carefully manage the way we do business and how we design each one of our tours.

    • The following criteria are implemented when designing all of our group tours;
    • We choose flight schedules that are most efficient, as to reduce the amount of fuel used and emissions released into the atmosphere.
    • We support and employ airlines who have joined the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group, which is committed to the development and commercialization of new sustainable aviation biofuels, and aims to lessen the industry’s dependence on fossil fuel resources.
    • We use special tourist vehicles for ground transportation and local public transportation when possible.
    • We use only local guides to aid travelers’ understanding of local culture and etiquette.
    • We encourage shopping for crafts and souvenirs that are made by local craftsman within the community, and sold at local family-owned businesses, thereby generating revenue within the local community.
    • We choose locally owned restaurants and markets for dining, and encourage travelers to enjoy locally grown produce and the variations of local ethnic foods.
    • We aim to give back to the communities and regions we visit by supporting capacity building projects in these areas. Much of this support is through “Select To Give,” our newly launched foundation that encourages travelers to make a small monetary contribution, in which we will match up to $50, and donate the proceeds to a carefully selected project.

Our Purchasing Policy

    • We pledge to only buy and use office products that have minimal impact on the environment, and that do not exploit workers in developing countries.
    • In all of our offices, we employ a strong environmental policy that includes everything from recycling ink cartridges to purchasing used office furniture, as opposed to buying new.
    • We practice energy conservation by utilizing a percentage of renewable energy through our power supply company.
    • We adjust the thermostats, turn off lights and other equipment in offices not being used and shut down printers and other equipment at the end of the work day.
    • All of our promotional materials and other documents are printed on recycled paper or paper from a certified sustainable source.

Our Social and Economical Responsibility Statement

Select International Tours is proudly committed to protecting the environment, by using resources in a fair, responsible, and sustainable manner. We strive to design tours that limit impact to local communities and we work to protect human rights by treating everyone with dignity and respect.


Sustainable Travel Organizations Select International is a member of:

Global Sustainable Tourism Council

Sustainable Tourism International

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