One of the wonderful things about Europe is the breadth of history. There are so many places of cultural and spiritual significance within the continent. For the traveler and pilgrim, this often presents a logistical challenge: with so many places to see, a lot of your time involves moving from one place to the next. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the moving in your sleep and just spend your days exploring and enjoying the sites? With a river cruise, you can!

Rather than spend your waking hours checking in and out of hotels, take yours with you. Rather than spend time on a bus or in a cab, let your hotel float you to the next stop. River cruising is a great way to see more of Europe which is why Select International Tours and Cruises was the FIRST to offer Catholic Pilgrimage Cruises. Read more about some of these trips below.

2019 Pilgrimage Cruises

2020 Pilgrimage Cruises

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