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Select International Tours is proud to announce our new initiative Select to Give, a not-for-profit foundation committed to empowering and educating women and children in the Holy Land and the Middle East overall. Regardless of race or religion, by supporting sustainable projects that are focused on families’ needs, education and skill advancement, our objective is capacity building, which leads to economic empowerment and global awareness integrating innovative conflict resolution methods leading to a more peaceful world.

Our motto is: “I follow Jesus, who wants justice and freedom for all people, regardless of their faith, race or gender”.

Our vision is to provide women and children living in the Holy Land with a safe, meaningful and prosperous environment, and we aim to achieve this goal by assisting with their most notable needs:

  •  Vocational and on-the-job training, to help women build skills enabling them to find sustainable jobs in meaningful professions that will help provide a better quality of life for their families.
  •  Training, to provide life-skills including budgeting and money management skills
  •  Civic education, to enhance women’s understanding of legal and human rights, and encourage participation in public life through democratic venues, thus raising awareness and building leadership qualities enabling more effective solutions for resolving social and religious conflict.
  •  Networking and mentoring, to encourage openness to diversity and build solidarity, to develop good social practices, exchange advice and ideas, and provide a support group for dealing with life’s difficulties and challenges.


Locations: Our work is being initiated mostly in the West Bank, Bethlehem and Jerusalem for now, among the Christian communities. However, all our initiatives aim to encompass members of all faiths as the best way toward peace and reconciliation, through which all population groups can move forward and thrive.

Project support: In March of 2011 we commissioned a study with a local non-profit organization (Wi am) in Bethlehem to identify issues of concerns to the local women. We did not want to impose on them our concerns, we wanted to hear from them what they believed was lacking in their lives and where they would welcome our help. The focus groups held in churches and community centers identified the concerns of these women and their families. Some of the issues women face, are the same no matter where they live. However, many were unique and based on the culturally and religiously unique set of circumstances we are focusing on; the four areas explained in our vision. Our criteria for the projects has five requirements. They must be sustainable, transparent, and measurable, have direct impact and be initiated from within the local community.

How can you help? We encourage our travelers to demonstrate their faith, whatever it may be, through acts of humility, love and solidarity. When we travel we open ourselves up to new cultures, people and experiences. We show acceptance and respect for the local communities and appreciation of their differences. We teach peace and love by acceptance and by our own example. By giving back to the communities we visit, we are taking a responsible step toward the sustainability of those communities and cultures. It is the actions that speak louder than words!

Your Christian generosity is welcome: We are encouraging all of our clients to make a contribution according to your means of ten, fifteen, twenty five or more dollars as part of your travel experience. It’s a manageable yet meaningful commitment to support the work of Select to Give and in such a way also show support for Christians of the Holy Land. Select International Tours will match each contribution up to $ 50.00 per person. The proceeds will be donated annually to carefully selected projects. Each project will be detailed here on our web site at Groups traveling with Select International Tours to the Holy Land will be able to visit our projects and even participate in various capacity building efforts and workshops we will be funding and organizing. Your financial contribution, support through travel and personal input are welcome and invaluable in making a difference in the safety and quality of life for these women and children.

Our vision is to provide women and children living in the Holy Land with a safe, meaningful and prosperous environment…

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