Susan, Thanks for your devoted work on behalf of all of us! I would call your attitude “fierce” — you really fight for all of us.  I have had the opportunity to step back and to reflect on how much you and everyone at Select do and how much I appreciate it.  Edita has a great product, but an even more awesome team!

Fr. Zachary Navit

Group Leader

Just returned from THE Most wonderful, inspirational, and amazing journey  my husband and I have taken thus far!!! Wanted to Thank all of you at Select for a well organized, informative and inspiring trip.  First and foremost our guides were excellent, but must say George Stephan was above exception in his knowledge, and leadership in all our way in Jerusalem!!  We saw so much and more!!  It will be a lifetime experience that none can compare! We had such a wonderful group of people that we called ourselves “family”.

Yes it was hot, yes we walked a lot, but OH YES  we did, see, experience, and get inspired  a LOT- God Bless your success and continued work.  Looking forward to traveling with you again!

Fran and Dom

Pilgrim, Holy Land August 2019.

I think I am still recuperating from the trip… lol. It was so amazing. Several of us at St. Teresa have commented how hard it is to try to explain to others wanting to know how our trip was… “It was too amazing to put into words”. It was without a doubt the best of the 3 trips I’ve been there. We saw and did so much more. And the blessings…… beyond belief!!!

Thank you Select, you are a gift to pilgrims who travel with your company! I wish everyone knew about you and how great you are.


Pilgrim, Lourdes and Italy trip in April 2019.

I thoroughly enjoyed my recent trip to the Holy Land and was delighted to spend some time with the other travelers last month. Everyone seemed impressed with the trip and the places we visited. Your staff is to be commended for the fine job they did in accommodating our needs. Please convey my appreciation to our guides for a job well done!

Most Rev. Michael J. Fitzgerald

Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia, Holy Land

The Holy Land pilgrimage was perfect in every way. April is truly a beautiful month in the Holy Land and everything went smoothly. 

Several of my pilgrims mentioned Marianne’s helpfulness in serving all their questions and needs.

Thanks so much for all you have done to make this pilgrimage such an inspiring success.

Stephen J. Binz

Holy Land

Select International organized a memorable, spiritually enriching pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi for The Catholic Messenger that featured the Sept. 4 canonization Mass for St. Teresa of Kolkata.

This pilgrimage was a first-time endeavor for the Messenger, the weekly diocesan newspaper for the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa. As the editor of the newspaper, I admit to being initially nervous about the value of a pilgrimage to our publication and the work it would entail.

Edita Krunic, Select International’s president, put those fears to rest with her reassuring and positive attitude. She and her staff provided guidance every step of the way and sent upbeat emails praising our progress and sharing in our excitement as the number of pilgrims continued to grow.

Altogether, 52 people participated in our pilgrimage. Each one has a place in my heart because of the experiences we shared Aug. 30-Sept. 6. We were also blessed with an engaging travel manager, Enza, who made the impossible happen. One example: We had the privilege of seeing Pope Francis close up as he greeted the crowds from his popemobile in St. Peter’s Square the day before the canonization Mass. Another example: we actually made it into the square for the canonization Mass!

Our pilgrimage was a blessing in many ways, and it also helped generate needed funds for our publication.  I look forward to our next pilgrimage with Select International!

Barb Arland-Fye

Editor, The Catholic Messenger, Italy

I have been super busy since getting back but wanted to drop you a quick note. The trip was fantastic. Everyone really enjoyed it and would like to do another one in the future.  (but we need to save our pennies)….The only complaint was the size of the bath room in Majori.  It was a little tight for 2 people getting ready.  But, that is how hotels in Europe usually are, and if that is the worst thing that happened, then it was a great success.  We were surprised by the vast number of additional saints we visited each day. I did not know that St. Andrew was laid to rest in Amalfi.  It was fantastic. The last night we talked about our favorite moments, we have lots of pictures, and the group set up ways for us to stay in touch.

Enza and all the guides were great.  Thanks so much, you have a great team!!

Rev. Don


Thank you so much for facilitating our wonderful Taste of Italy pilgrimage. I cannot tell you just how wonderful everything was. All of the accommodations were first class, the food was spectacular, the scenery, the company…WOW! Michelle and I had such a great experience. I really want to compliment Susan. She was perfect to have with us. She was always available to answer any questions and shepherded the group with the gentlest touch, always in the background. Michelle and I found her to be such a delight, personally and professionally. You have a real gem in her!

Enza and Mary were nothing short of spectacular! Everyone simply loved them. They were both eloquent and so very helpful, especially to me regarding the radio broadcasts. They made sure that our every need was taken care of immediately. We just couldn’t be more impressed. Also, please thank Renata on our behalf. She outdid herself finding locations that were perfect for us.

 Finally, working with Fr. Leo was truly a joy. He is such a great priest, and a great person. We’re so glad he thought to include us on this journey! Michelle and I are still processing the experience. We learned a lot, that’s for sure! We’ll be discerning about how God may want us to do future pilgrimages. We do know that we would love to return to Italy, perhaps next year.

Again, thanks so much for all your hard work for us and our group. May God continue to bless you in helping others encounter Christ through travel.

Gus and Michelle Lloyd

Taste of Italy

God’s peace be with you. The pilgrimage was a great blessing for all 24 of us pilgrims. I thank you and the SIT Team for all the preparations to make our pilgrimage one to remember.

  •  Walleed Hazzan, our guide, was excellent.  He truly is the best tour guide I have ever known.  Highest praise!
  • Rashid abu Hassan, our driver, was excellent.  I will always remember how deftly he maneuvered our Royal Tours bus through the streets of the many towns we visited.
  • The daily itinerary was well-paced, giving us sufficient time at each location to pray, learn, and take pictures.
  • For me, the high point was celebrating Holy Mass of Easter Sunday IN THE TOMB from where Jesus resurrected!!!
  • Overall, the accommodations at the three hotels were good: Ramada, Nazareth
  • The food was fresh and plentiful.
  • The staff were helpful: Saint Gabriel, Bethlehem – I felt most at home here
  • The common complaint was with the heating system in the rooms.
  • Indeed, it was a cold night in Bethlehem.
  • The room heating units had to be set at the highest temperature – 30deg C – to keep the room moderately warmed.
  • Unfortunately, there was no vent to direct the hot air into the bathroom.  Therefore, it was cooler than the room.
  • The elderly women were most affected by the moderate temperatures.  They did, however, employ a second blanket that was stored in the closet.
  • Dan, Jerusalem: The food was good and plentiful. The staff was helpful. In the dining room, the tables reserved for our group were not always in the same place.  However, our tour signs were easy to find because of the Select logo.
  • Share the Bread: All of us pilgrims thoroughly enjoyed our visits with the Christian families of Bethlehem.  We have a deeper appreciation of their circumstances.
  • Regarding our United Airlines flights:: The seat plans separated husbands and wives. One couple noticed it before our departure and worked with you to change their seats. The other couples were not able to change their seats. Thus, the couples request that for future pilgrimages, if at all possible,  please advocate to the airline that married couples must sit together. The air staff was courteous and helpful. The food was very good and sufficient.
  • During the flights the attendants walked through cabin keeping us replenished with water. My kidney is thankful!

Again, thank you for making this Holy Land pilgrimage a reality for us. We would never travel with anyone other than Select International Tours!!!!

Fr. Reid

Holy Land pilgrimage Jan. 2018

My husband Richard and I were very satisfied, the trip was awesome and memorable. We visited the Holy Land in 2010 with a different agency and we did not think that another trip to the Holy Land can top that one. But we are very happy to say Select International Tours provided all of us with an outstanding trip.

Nancy Francese

The Holy Land

The pilgrimage to Scotland and Ireland was extraordinary.  Barry Gorman was fantastic. His knowledge of all facets of history, architecture, and our faith made the traveling a joy. His sense of humor had us laughing and. with an insight into Irish humor. Paul Dolan and Mark our drivers (and of course,Barry) were very competent . Deidre, Maureen and Rob are encyclopedias.  Felt I was in tutorials.  What more can I say? The sights and sounds of Scotland and Ireland are etched in my memory thanks to you and select-int.  Many thanks.  With sincerest thanks and regards. 

A. Elaine Cummings

Scotland and Ireland

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. It was a wonderful value for the money and I’m glad I had the opportunity to participate. The countryside was incredibly beautiful, the weather was glorious and the food awesome.


Bishop Sheridan's Pilgrimage to Italy

The daily Masses were well planned in terms of location and orchestration. The itinerary was well planned and meaningful. The daily blog was a great idea and is very helpful for those us planning to assemble a personal scrapbook of our experiences


Bishop Sheridan's Pilgrimage to Italy

“Thank you for all that you and Select International Tours did to make this a trip of a lifetime. Our guide, George was superb. His knowledge of his homeland was invaluable. Dr. Binz was a perfect spiritual leader for our tour. I’ll recommend your tours to everyone and will look forward to another opportunity to book travel with your company. God Bless You.”

Ellen Gassie Bernard

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your help and organization of the pilgrimage, as well as for your kindness. Your experience, knowledge and professionalism made this pilgrimage a great learning experience, for the spiritual benefit of all. For me, personally this was a much need trip, and it came at the right time, just after I did my grueling Ph.D. comprehensive exams. Although I was preparing for the exams, and trying to recruit people for the trip, Marianne Murphy made sure that everything went smooth and that everybody received the appropriate attention and information. I would prefer to work with her in the future as well, if possible.

A few comments on the different aspects of the trip:

The timing of pilgrimage: This was my first time in Holy Land, and based on the stories of the group that went for the Easter, I’m glad that we went at this time of the year. The weather was outstanding, and we did not encounter big crowds. I was able to sever for the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, so my experience was complete.

Flights, Hotels and Guide: Our flights were very good, although we should look at non-stop flights in the future depending on the pricing. The hotels were good, certainly in line with the excellent price you gave us, especially the hotel in Bethlehem, which we all loved.George was an exceptional guide – very knowledgeable, helpful, professional and organized, and everybody was very pleased with him.

Food: For me personally and for the most people was outstanding.

This is really all that I can think of now. But, in general, I have no single negative impression from the Holy Land. I think that every Christian should go to Holy Land at least once in a lifetime. We owe it to our faithful to organize more pilgrimages.

All the best and thank you,

Fr. Darko


Paul and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work for Bishop Sheridan’s Pilgrimage.

I have to say it was a life-changing experience and I would not change one thing about it.

You and Select International did a fantastic job of planning, etc. It was also a pleasure to get to meet you and stay up late a few nights with Msgr. and the group.

Thank you for everything and God bless you!


France, Portugal

I wanted to reach out to you with some feedback regarding a recent trip I took with Patrick Coffin and Msgr. Pope to the Holy Land.  I lost my wife of 25 years in August of last year after a difficult battle with cancer.  I wanted to find a trip to get away and renew my faith.  My wife was a wonderful woman and through most of our marriage, she handled the direction of our lives.  A trip like this would be something I would leave to her to arrange and she would have done so with perfection.  This was the first time I was faced with doing this on my own so needless to say, I was a bit of a basket case on the details.  Fortunately for me, God directed me to Select Tours and Kristine Smart.  Given my baggage, I was a high maintenance client.  When I encountered issues I reached out to Kristine and she handled everything with efficiency and more importantly, compassion.

I’m sure you hear this time and time again, but the trip was the experience of a lifetime.  But the trip itself would not have been possible without the extraordinary efforts of Kristine.  I am so thankful God directed me to her.  The trip made the difference in my life and helped me heal a bit of the huge wound in my soul.  Kristine ushered me in to that trip with grace and care and I am very grateful for her above and beyond the call efforts.

Thank you for your time.

Philip Mooney

Holy Land

I hope you don’t mind the I am also writing to you personally but our experience was so good, I just wanted to let you know.

We were on the Pilgrimage to Spain-France-Portugal from August 21-September 2, 2017.  Lisa Morris was our Select Guide.  Lisa was amazing.  Her calmness and gentle quiet spirit were always evident.  Her trust that things would work out was great.  There were many personalities on this Pilgrimage and she handled them beautifully.  Beginning and ending with a “Blessed Mother Mary” stop, was a gift. Lisa’s complete trust in Mother Mary was apparent.

Maurizio was our Tour Guide.  He was WONDERFUL!!! My husband and I both felt he “made” the Pilgrimage.  His knowledge was extensive.  He was able to communicate all he knew in a way that was easy to understand.  But the best part was his care and compassion for all of us.  I truly believe he went above and beyond his responsibilities.  He did so much behind the scenes.  And even at the end when I believe his official duties were over, he stayed with one of the ladies in our group who needed wheelchair assistance at the airport in Lisbon.  We thought we had plenty of time, but the airline didn’t seem prepared for us.  We really all needed to get going to make it through all of the security and passport control so we were told to go ahead and not wait for anyone.  One of our ladies had a lot of trouble, but Maurizio stayed behind until she was heading to the gate before he left.  I’m sure that wasn’t necessary, but he did it.  His love for what he did was apparent and his care and compassion for all of us was appreciated.

Maurizio and Lisa were a great team.  My husband and I would absolutely take a trip with the two of them teamed up again…  it almost wouldn’t matter where the trip was, we would go because of them!!!!!  (Although we would love a Holy Land trip with them!)

I didn’t feel the form we had to fill out could hold all of these thoughts, so I hope you don’t mind the email.  I would appreciate it if you could forward this to the president of your company.  I would like for him/her to know how amazing these two were and that they made our trip!!

Nancy Sewell

Spain, France, Portugal

Our recent 11 day trip to the Holy Lands was an amazing experience never to be forgotten. Every detail of the trip from travel and hotel accommodations, restaurants, tour guides, and destinations were expertly planned and executed.

I was so thoroughly pleased that within days of arriving home, my husband and and I booked another tour with Select International for a river cruise on the Danube in 2020 and we know from this past experience that this is going to be another wonderful trip.


Holy Land

Peace be with you!  Now that I am settled back in at the Chancery, I thought I would drop you a quick note.

First, I would rate our pilgrimage coordinator (Lisa Morris) an A++ (Lisa is a true professional with a compassionate heart – from start to finish, she demonstrated professionalism, love and care).

Second, I would rate our pilgrimage as a whole as an A+ (Of course, tour guides, bus/bus driver, holy sites, secular sites and food are critical aspects when one rates the success of a pilgrimage – all of the aforementioned were great.  But, you know from my past, that I believe staying in good quality hotels is the most critical component.  With that said, I must say that I was VERY HAPPY with the hotels on this trip – thank you Edita for selecting these “homes-away-from-home” – quality lodging makes all the difference in the world.

Bottom Line:  The pilgrimage was excellent and you should be very proud of Lisa and your entire team that made our pilgrimage such a success.  Well done Edita!!


Deacon Sean

“Edita, thanks to your leadership and guidance through this process, this pilgrimage was a success. This was a first for Notre Dame of Maryland University and we’re excited to have had such a wonderful experience. I hope we will have an opportunity to work together again in the future.”


Thank you for all of your efforts!  Having just come back from Italy in November (and Portugal/Spain in 2017), I am so very impressed with Select and look forward to traveling again when the situation is clear.  Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time.



Dear Edita,

God’s blessings and peace to you.

I was very happy to hear the news of your election to the Board of Directors of the National Tour Association.  The NTA is truly blessed to have a tour operator with your extensive experience and wonderful persona to be a part of their team.

The memories that the group from the Diocese of Laredo share with friends and fellow parishioners about the Canonization Pilgrimage in 2014 are a testament of the wonderful and professional work you do.  I thank you and am most grateful for making that Pilgrimage such a memorable one for me and my fellow pilgrims.

I extend my warmest congratulations on your new position, and be assured of my prayers for your continued success.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Bishop Tamayo

Diocese of Laredo

“Thank you and Select International for arranging the most magnificent pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Gus and Michelle Lloyd.  My experience from start to finish was exceptional.  Select did a wonderful job with the entire trip, including flights, accommodations, meals, ground transportation and itinerary.  I will recommend your services to all my friends and look forward to traveling with you again one day.”


Pilgrim, Holy Land 2019

I wanted to write to thank you all for the wonderful trip and unforgettable experiences that you gave me and the parish. We enjoyed Italy so much. Every single time I plan a trip through Select International, I am amazed at the care and support that you give me every step of the journey. The group is still raving about our adventure!

Fr. Jim

Resurrection of Our Lord Parish, Philadelphia

The Canonization trip to Rome organized by Select International Tours for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia was most enjoyable, and our guide was most informative and helpful. Thank you for all that your organization did to assist us in making this trip the memorable one that it was for all those who participated.

Know that you and all those associated with Select International Tours are remembered in my prayers for the continued success of all your endeavors in planning universal pilgrimages and tours.

With best wishes, I am

Most Reverend Michael J. Fitzgerald

Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia, Roma and San Giovanni Canonization

On this winter storm day I finally have some free time to send you my thanks for the wonderful Pilgrimage that I led to the Holy Land in January!!! You were so patient and made everything in the preparation and during the trip go so smoothly. Last night I was showing my pictures and shared memories with my parishioners of the pilgrimage. They really enjoyed the pictures.

Those that went had such a good time and asked when I would be going again. I don’t know when, but I will keep you in mind. Also please pass on to George our tour guide and George our bus driver our thanks. It was a trip of a lifetime as one of our Pilgrims said for all of us and they were excellent hosts.

Have a blessed rest of Lent and thank you again!!!!!!!

Fr. Jeff Stecz

The Holy Land

I have to commend Select International for the excellent pilgrimage you planned for our group to the Holy Land. Our experience was fantastic, from top to bottom. Our Hotels felt like resorts, and our guide and driver felt like family. All along the way we met representatives making sure we were taken care of, and the trip was flexible to fit the ever-changing needs of our diverse group.

I was hoping to post more of a ‘live blog’ during the trip but, due to slower speeds, I had some difficulty uploading larger photos. Now that I’m home I’m going to write a few blog posts and create an article for our Serbian newspaper here in the US.

Thank you for all your work.

Rev Aleksa Pavichevich

St George Serbian Orthodox Church, Holy Land

We would like to thank Select International Tours and Fr. Leo for the opportunity to be part of “A Taste of Italy, A Spiritual and Culinary Experience of a Lifetime” in August 2016.  The title was truly descriptive of our experience.  With this our first experience with travel to Europe we found our accommodations, meals and transportation to be great.  The leadership and knowledge of Fr. Leo was a great gift.  Being the only two Lutherans and Lutheran Pastors we felt welcomed and a part of the whole group.   

Again, thank you to Select International Tours and Father Leo for this opportunity and their gracious help and leadership. We are extreme grateful for this cultural and spiritual experience.

Pastor Rick and Pastor Becky Senner


As I reflect back on our Faith and Heritage pilgrimage to Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary, I have come to see much more clearly what my vocation is….leading pilgrimages. I may not make a living at it, but my living is so much richer and my spiritual life deepens. I thank God every day for this gift, the guidance I get through prayer to Jesus and through the intercession of our blessed mother Mary.

And a most special thank you to Edita Krunic at Select International Tours for taking a chance with me and making my calling a reality.

Ceci Triska

Journeys of Faith with Ceci, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary

I just wanted to thank you so much for organizing our trip to Lourdes. Everything was perfect. Our guide Sofia was great. Everyone on the trip was very happy.

May God bless you for all you do.

Fr. Ugo


Good morning Edita, WOW!!! Thank you, what an amazing experience, even the second time around!!!  I cannot think of anyone who went on the trip that was disappointed, in fact, in Israel people were asking what the next trip is going to be.

Rami and Adil made us feel very safe, protected and like family.  They took very good care of us.  I cannot thank you for pairing them with us.  Not only is Rami very knowledgeable, he was the consummate professional.He answered questions patiently even when asked the same thing more than once within five minutes.  He was always considerate of our members who needled extra time and care.  It was a pleasure watching him with our young people, not only did they gravitate to him, but every time I looked over he was always laughing with them, talking to them and engaging with them without talking down to them.

What impressed me the most about him was his ability to speak about the Palestinian situation without any rancor, that is not an easy thing to do while you are living it.  He did his best to accommodate any of my requests, he kept me in the loop and I did not feel as if he catered to the good father.  Again the hotels were first class and we were always treated respectfully.  The Share the Meal program was a hit, no one had any complaints, in fact, the ladies are asking that I do a Woman’s workshop in the summer with the proceeds to benefit the program (I will keep you posted).

Enza was a joy in Rome, she had us singing hymns in the street and went out of her to take us around Rome to do the touristy things.  Thank you and the company for the wine.  Sylvia our local guide was a delight, but we enjoyed Enza.

Your entire staff is amazing!

Sandra Jean

Holy Land

Hi Kristine and Edita,

Just getting back in the swing of things! Ladies you put together a beautiful and awesome trip for our group to Ireland !!

I can’t thank you both enough for all that you did. The itinerary was amazing!! The show on Friday night was a great ending to a great trip. Barry was a great guide and driver! The Lyrath was excellent and the drinks at Dirty Nelly’s was a nice treat. Not sure if Barry told you but we had our very own King David and Queen Mary at the Bunratty castle dinner (Fr. David had everyone in stitches).

Once I upload my pictures to the computer I’ll send some to you. Thank you for the ones you sent.

Now on to Oberammergau and the Danube river or Poland in 2020.



This is a follow-up email of our conversation regarding the superb job Select Tours did on this pilgrimage tour of Italy.  I was amazed at the locations we were able to visit, let alone, have the access to have Mass at each location.  It was amazing to see your team, including Father Leo and Gus adjust the schedule to accommodate entry to such holy shrines, basilicas and cathedrals.  This was my fourth trip to Italy and found this tour to be exceptional and a true bargain!  My gratitude to you and Select Tours.  I would certainly participate in a future trip.

Jerry and Laura Lewis


Our trip was exceptional! I wanted to thank both of you for putting this program for us. I can speak on behalf of the entire group and let you know that we were pleased with the entire concept of the pilgrimage. Especially we wanted to thank you for providing us with such a charismatic guide (Johnny) and his bus driver John. They were on top of everything, paying attention to small details and having enough energy to deal with the Serbs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I am already telling my experience to my parishioners and trying to motivate them to go and experience this once in a life-time pilgrimage.

We will stay in touch regarding future plans and trips.

Fr Radovan

Holy Land

Since I’ve taken some Bible study classes, seeing some of these places or being at the tombs of some of these holy people really brought the Bible alive for me. My most recent class was described as being not only Church history, but our history. That is exactly how it felt for me. I was seeing or visiting places from my history, my past, which made the trip feel very personal.


Bishop Sheridan's Pilgrimage to Italy

I enjoyed the trip immensely. It was everything I imagined and so much more. Of course this was my first trip to Europe. And because I love old, old churches, old buildings, dead people and their origins this was right up my alley. Of course I cannot say the same for everyone but it seemed to me everyone loved it. Our guide, Barbara and her knowledge was phenomenal. I took so many pictures it will be difficult now to remember even though I kept notes. Since this was a church based trip we saw many churches. After a while they all started looking alike. But they each were extraordinary. It was all good and i will never forget get this trip. I think I would encourage trips such as this to bring people to the countryside of these countries and to meet people whom will become lifelong friends. I’m sure glad we left here for Holland and Germany when we did. Because of all the terrorism in Germany now, I’m afraid the trip may have been cancelled or some may have individually cancelled. Thank you for everything, Susan. I’m so excited you will probably bring hearing more from me as time goes on.


Germany and Holland

I just wanted to let you know the guide we had in Dubrovnik was excellent as well as the guide in Medjugorje who was out of this world.

What a joy it was to have Zeljka as our guide in Medjugorje since she is a first cousin to the visionary, Vicka. She told us so much more about the family and the parish in general. Father said it was the best trip yet. The accommodations were good, but the food in Rome was not what we expected. We understand that is not under Select’s control.

I was so surprised to meet Susan at St. Peter’s. Now, it will be nice to match the face to the voice.


Holy Land

It was a special experience for both Jill and me. Daily Masses in extraordinary basilicas and beautiful chapels were inspirational and contributed to strengthening our faith and connection with the Church’s history. It was also special spending time with the other pilgrims. We feel stronger in our faith.


Bishop Sheridan's Pilgrimage to Italy

All the works of Michelangelo was fantastic, especially the statue of David (in Florence). How talented he was to turn a piece of marble into such an incredible piece of art. I have visited Rome and many parts of Italy many times before, but I’ve never been on a pilgrimage before. So the experience was very exhilarating to me and I believe that we are all blessed to have had such a wonderful opportunity to visit with the most loving pope we have ever had. It was very moving to witness so many people greeting him from all parts of the world!


Bishop Sheridan's Pilgrimage to Italy

We are safely home and back in our usual lives thanks to you and your skill in getting us past the Air France strike. Thank you so much for taking care of us. And the bus trip from Lisbon to Madrid was a blessing as we got to see so much more country and it was beautiful! I think we all were pleased with everything!! The people were so kind and helpful to us on the buses and in the hotels. 

And a special thank you to Gerard! He was so great, so knowledgeable, about the areas, the history, the architecture. We all especially liked his “Let’s go” whenever we departed the coach. Thank you, thank you and God bless you always.


Fatima and Lourdes

I was one of the pilgrims to Spain and Portugal led by Gus Lloyd and Father Leo Patalinghug last May. I’m sure you heard about my passport fiasco and the trouble I had with the airline. However, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that both Susan and Heather were instrumental and very helpful getting me to Spain a couple of days later than I had originally planned. Without their assistance, I would have missed the trip. I think

Susan and Heather went above and beyond their duties and I had a wonderful pilgrimage.

Sandy Carlson

Spain and Portugal with Gus Lloyd

Edita, I was fortunate enough to be a pilgrim on the recent Flynn pilgrimage to Fatima, etc. It was an absolutely amazing spiritual experience and everything was top shelf.

I must say, your Isabel Augusto is a beauty on the inside and out.  She made my solo experience most enjoyable.  As you know, she is sweet, kind, genuine  and lovely. Everyone had the kindest words to say about her.

I look forward to working with Select in the future.  God bless you and the work you do!

Barbara Wilson

Spain and Portugal

I wanted to thank you for a perfect trip to the Holy Land. It was so beautiful and everyone is still so excited about our experience.  We are having a reunion dinner Friday and I will discuss our next trip then.  I love everything about your company!  Select staff is lovely!!  Sharing The Bread program touched everyone and says so much about your company, and how much you truly care and give back!! George, our guide was excellent; our bus driver Mahmoud was excellent. And we had perfect weather!   Again thank you and I hope to be calling you again soon. With gratitude,  Maria


Holy Land

Our guide George!!!! So knowledgeable, professional, charming and caring. Kept us on track and made the experience A++++. Everything about this pilgrimage was first class. I can’t say enough good things..thank you.


Holy Land

Three things really hit us that made this pilgrimage outstanding: George Stephan our tour guide was outstanding – a walking book of knowledge with regards to all of the Holy Land, the Bible and the history Father Larry, Sonja Corbitt and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers helped guide our spiritual journey so that the immensity of our presence where Jesus walked, taught, died and resurrected was not lost on us. They each made sure that each Holy Site visited made us feel much closer to our faith the dinner with a Christian family in Bethlehem was so great – made us understand what it is like to be less than 1% of the entire population of Israel and that if you live in Bethlehem (within Palestine) it is next to impossible to leave to visit family who may live in Jerusalem.


Holy Land

TRIP OF A LIFETIME. 5 Stars — 1st – pictures are posted on FB / 2nd – trip exceeded expectations – 3rd – host (Sonja / Fr R and Deacon S) were great and added an extra spiritual aspect – Then the Guide George Stephans was tremendous made the trip, with his personality/knowledge/experience/patience. Kudos to him 4th – already signed up for another trip!


Holy Land

“Thank you Isabel. Oh my goodness…how will I ever be able to thank you enough for putting our pilgrimage together? Every single detail was taken care of beautifully. George is the very best tour guide that I have ever had and the driver made everything OK. We always felt “taken care” of. From the beautiful hotels, meals, sharing the bread in Bethlehem with our sweet family, to scrambling over the old streets in Jerusalem, to the dirt roads and paths all along the way, it was perfect. And….because these important details were fastidiously taken care of, I was able to enjoy the real beauty and significance of this remarkable Holy Land Pilgrimage along with my fellow pilgrims. The Bible literally comes alive now that I’ve been to many of places mentioned in Holy scripture and I can say truthfully I hunger and thirst for God’s living Word!”


Holy Land

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