Christopher West shares why pilgrimage is important to Theology of the Body and why he chooses Select International Tours.

Theology of the Body Virtual Conference

The Theology of the Body Institue (TOB) has worked with Select International Tours and Cruises for many years. We have become good friends in the process, as we are both in the business of helping people to experience their faith more fruitfully. While the current COVID-19 pandemic has postponed pilgrimage travel and put much of our lives on hold, it does not have the power to separate us from the Love of Our Lord and the Blessed Mother and it certainly does not have to power to keep us from growing in our faith.

That is why we are so excited that our friends at TOB have assembled an array of excellent speakers for the FREE Theology of the Body Virtual Conference, this coming weekend (May 8-10). The conference promises to be life-changing and we hope that you all have the opportunity to experience it.

While you are listening to the speakers and artists, you might notice some familiar faces, because many of them lead groups with Select International Tours and Cruises. They know, first-hand, how pilgrimage deepens our faith, which is why they are actively planning trips to depart as soon as it is safe to do so. Keep scrolling to read more about them and to hear about a very special offer for TOB Virtual Conference attendees who want to go on pilgrimage.

Watch this short video to learn more about Theology of the Body pilgrimages.

TOB Virtual Conference

Theology of the Body Insitute Chooses Select

The Theology of the Body Institute chooses Select International Tours and Cruises to organize and administer their pilgrimage trips. In the last several years, they have taken pilgrims to Poland, Italy, Ireland, and the Holy Land. And they continue to choose Select each time. Why?

Select Shares Your Faith

Select is more than a group tour operator. We are a company of faithful people who are passionate about pilgrimage and compassionate to pilgrims. Everyone at Select has been on pilgrimage. We understand it, and we want to share the opportunity to experience the power of pilgrimage with you.

Select is Trusted

Select has been sending groups on pilgrimage for over thirty years. In that time, we have learned how to get the most out of a pilgrimage trip. We have forged deep relationships around the world with hotels, ground operators, guides, and transportation companies that afford us exclusive access to the best accommodations, guides, and even special permissions to experience amazing locations, so you get the most for your time and money.

Read about Christopher West’s experience with Pilgrimage in Poland and Italy HERE.

Select Gives Back

After seeing the plight of Christians living in the Holy Land, Edita Krunic (President of Select International) organized a 501(c)(3) Charitable foundation to directly assist Christians living in the Holy Land. Today, Select to Give is the only 100% volunteer administered charity that directly assists Christians living in the Holy Land by funding Christian education and care for young people, programs to care for developmentally disabled orphans, and the feeding of the hungry through a Syriac Orthodox soup kitchen.

Pilgrims to the Holy Land with Theology of the Body also have the opportunity to share a meal, in smaller groups, with Christian families living in Bethlehem through Select to Give’s Sharing the Bread program.

Are you a Priest, Deacon, Evangelist, Author, or Artist looking to begin or expand a pilgrimage ministry? Click HERE to learn about the benefits of working with Select.

These TOB Virtual Conference Speakers Choose Select International

As one of its founders, Christopher has served the Theology of the Body Institute in various capacities since 2004: as the leading faculty member, as a board member…

Jeff Cavins is recognized both nationally and internationally as an exciting public speaker who has a deep love for Jesus Christ and who communicates his zeal…

You’ve heard her on Catholic radio and seen her on EWTN. Rose Sweet, Catholic author, and conference speaker, is a sparkling personality who brings heart…

Leah Darrow is an international Catholic speaker, author, and host of the popular Do Something Beautiful podcast. Leah is most notably known for her time on the TV…

“Over the past twenty years, Jason and Crystalina Evert have spoken to more than one million people on six continents about the virtue of chastity…”

“Having worked in mission, evangelization, and education since the early 1990s, Bill joined faculty of the TOB Institute in 2010 and became a full-time…”

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