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“Travel and Earn Program”


What is the Travel and Earn Program?

The travel industry is the largest industry in the world yet few non-profits organizations are taking advantage of the immense potential of affinity group travel. If your organization is looking for a new source of funding in these challenging times as well as a new, exciting membership and community outreach program then our ” Travel and Earn” program may be the answer.

Select International makes it easy for you to include trips in your business strategy as a new revenue stream. Your organization, association, or ministry can earn revenue through group travel. YOU decide the amount of revenue you seek to fundraise. You may need funds earmarked for a certain capital improvement project or to supplement the annual budget. Select International is happy to guide and advise you on best practices.

Unlike tours you may find through a larger tour operator or agent, each tour we create is uniquely yours, customized for the needs of your group’s interest. The travel program is based on destination, hotel categories, and activities that best reflect your organization’s personality and mission. We are your advisors and offer unconditional support and professionalism –under your brand.

Overall Benefits of the “Travel and Earn” Program:

    • Solid profits
    • Free travel for staff or VIP’s
    • Great outreach program
    • Simple, seamless procedures
    • Extensive choices
    • Trusted and proven service record
    • Value oriented pricing
    • Exceptional flexibility and support

Benefits for your organization:

    • Save time: Select International offers “one stop travel” for all your group travel needs!
    • Your choice: For your organization we will create a tailor-made travel program to meet the charitable organization’s requirements and their donor’s specific travel interests.
    • Outreach potential: Group travel enables your organization to increase revenue from both existing and new donors through the provision of perceived value associated with quality leisure travel with an affinity group.
    • Goodwill: Travel will inspire your membership to higher levels of giving and more involvement with the organization. Travel promotes camaraderie plus word of a travel program creates a positive buzz in the community.
    • Minimal effort: We do all the detail work- preparing the travel program, printing promotional materials, booking reservations, responding to questions, processing payment and issuing documentation.
    • Feel good effect: donors enjoy group travel with friends & family who share common interests while supporting a worthwhile cause
    • Earn Free Travel: We provide a free trip for a certain number of people booked, plus free cabin upgrades on cruises and suite upgrades in hotels
    • Quality counts: Exclusive group travel enables us to provide unique itineraries, special meals and all around enrichment experience.

How it Works:

    • Our program is rather unique in the travel industry.
    • For all details, please contact us at 800-842-4842. We can best explain details of the program in a consultative phone conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can participate in the “Travel and Earn” program? Any entity with a federal ID reflecting not-for-profit status 501(c ) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Most are charitable organizations. Some examples are churches, schools, social services, fraternal groups, youth sports programs, alumni groups, museums, affinity organizations and more…

Why should we try the “Travel and Earn” program as a fundraiser? Travel has become part of our lifestyle. It is a way to bond, relax and enjoy new positive experiences. People prefer to travel with others who share a common background, religious affiliation or interest. People trust and have a connection with the non-profit they support and will enjoy the added benefit when they combine charitable giving and travel.

What are the procedures we have to observe? We will provide guidelines for you when you choose a trip you wish to promote. Because of our experience and work with many organizations, our business model will ensure you have a successful group and the revenue raised is significant.

Who does all the detail work? Rely on our twenty-five plus years of experience working with various groups- large and small to take care of all the travel details. We do most of the back office work and make it very easy and simple for you to focus on promoting the travel program. Our objective is to take the burden of travel planning from your staff. The focus of your time is on trip marketing and promotion, we take care of all phone calls, payment collection, travel details, accounting, documentation and even send someone from the office on the trip with you to ensure your group has an amazing experience.

How do we choose a tour or a cruise? You have a few options:

    • Browse our website for ideas and established tours for ideas.
    • Look over fliers of groups that are leaving in the next year under “Find My Groups” (click here.)
    • Share with us an idea you may have based on somewhere you have been or an interest you have.
    • We will create a custom design, private travel program for you.

Keep in mind that:

    • Starting to plan on time (9 -12 months in advance is important, less time than that is seldom enough, more time is too much) and choosing a program that is attractive to a broad range of people is crucial.

How do we let our members know about “Travel and Earn?” Your largest responsibility is promotion of the program. The more you promote, the more people you reach with your message, the better response you will have. Use all your marketing resources to put the word out about the travel program and let’s start at least nine months ahead. Promote the trip through
mailings, bulletins and newsletter, e-mail announcements, functions and gatherings, website, community activities, personal invitations, information evenings, press releases in the local paper, posters…

How much money can we make? The amount of money your organization makes depends on the promotional efforts and interest of your membership in supporting the organization. Virtually the sky is the limit for a well organized campaign, of several trips a year with a good mix of domestic and international travel, land and cruise vacations. Recently an organization earned enough on their first trip to cover two annual salaries.

Think of travel as a transformative experience which can bring about a tremendous amount of good will!


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