Four Feet Are Better Than Two

Trekking poles are a little like shoes, they fit or they don’t. So we suggest heading to your local hiking/camping/outdoor store and ask for some help picking the right trekking poles. If you don’t have any stores like that around, see the link below for a good online option.

Here are a few tips to help with the ordering process. Use a measuring tape to find the proper size before buying. Pretend you’re holding a cup of coffee and keep your hand, forearm and shoulder at a 90 degree angle to the floor. Then measure from the ground to the top of your hand. If you’re between sizes, go up to the next size. **NOTE** It helps to have a metric tape measure if possible as they are sized in centimeters. And remember to make sure:

  • They are sturdy when assembled
  • They have rubber feet
  • They pack up small enough for most checked luggage


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