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When you choose to travel with Select, you are choosing the pilgrimage company Catholic leaders choose for their own trips. You will experience why Select is the winner of the Innovation and Excellence Award (NTA).  You will be guided by the best Christian guides in the industry; guides who have been vetted through Select’s 35 years of pilgrimage experience. By traveling with Select you will also be supporting the lives of Christians in the Holy Land.  Every time you travel with Select, a percentage of your registration fee is donated to Select to Give–an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization, founded by Select International Tours in 2014. Learn more at www.selecttogive.org

What Your Peers are Saying

We work hard for you…

We wanted to say thank you for all your hard work organizing our pilgrimage. We had the experience of a lifetime. Everything worked out wonderfully. The flights were on time and went smoothly. The guides were very knowledgeable. 5 star experience and will be happy to refer others to Select International.

Karen and Kevin

…and give you great value for your money…

We were Wowed by all of the places we were able to see. This Pilgrimage hit all of the places we wanted to see. Other Tours required two Pilgrimages to cover the visits we saw on this one Pilgrimage.

…while keeping sight of what a pilgrimage should be…

…you are visiting so many places of religious significance, it was amazing. This was one of the greatest experiences I have ever been on in my life.

…so you can focus on the experience, not the details…

Select removed all the thinking and planning for the trip which was great! It was nice not having to worry about the hotels and food. Also, our tour guides were amazing!! Select does a good job choosing Catholic tour guides. A lot of fun, and I would recommend again.


…and trust that Select will take care of you. No matter what.

Amy and I cannot thank you enough for your work to get us safely home.  [Other pilgrims (we met at checkpoints and the airports) were abandoned by their tour companies.]   We appreciate you and your colleagues at Select International and should we travel internationally in the future, we will be using Select International.  I have told countless friends and family members about you and your company.

Lenny and Amy

Pilgrims who were in the Holy Land on October 7, 2023

Gus and Michelle Galilee
Via Dolorosa Select International Tours
Dr Marcellino and Susan
Jeff and Emily Cavins Choose Select

Why Choose Select?

Inspiring Group Leaders

The Best Guides

Centrally-located 4-Star Hotels

Private Motor Coaches

2,236 Groups

have organized their pilgrimage trips with Select International Tours and Cruises.
Fr Leo Patalinghug Steve Angrisano Select international Tours

Select Shares Your Faith

Daily Mass

Christian Guides

Trips Support Christians

Priest with Select International Tours Flags

$860,534 Donated

directly to Christian families living in the Holy Land through our 501(c)(3) charity, Select to Give.

Flags in Portugal

69,699 Pilgrims

have traveled with Select International Tours and Cruises.

Father Chris Alar Chooses Select

36 Years of Experience

Award Winning Trips

Innovative Itineraries

Top-Rated Hotels

Featured Group Leaders

Leaders who appreciate service, dedication, and experience choose Select International Tours. If you are looking to build your pilgrimage ministry, call us today. +1-800-842-4842

Gus Lloyd Chooses Select International Tours and Cruises

Gus Lloyd

Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio Chooses Select International Tours and Cruises

Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio

Jeff and Emily Cavins Choose Select International Tours

Jeff & Emily Cavins

Father Mike Schmitz Select international Tours

Fr. Mike Schmitz


Christopher West

Jason Evert Chooses Select International Tours and Cruises

Bishop Erik Pohlmeier

Bishop William Joensen Chooses Select international Tours

Bishop William Joensen

Bishop Michael Fitzgerald Chooses Select International

Bishop Michael J. Fitzgerald

Father Christopher Alar Select International Tours and Cruises

Fr. Christopher Alar

Stephen J Binz Select International Tours and Cruises

Stephen J. Binz

Fr. Leo Patalinghug Chooses Select International Tours

Fr. Leo Patalinghug

Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers Chooses Select International Tours and Cruises

Dcn. Harold Burke-Sivers

Fr Larry Richards Chooses Select International Tours and Cruises

Fr. Larry Richards


Jon Leonetti

Deacon Kandra Chooses Select International Tours

Dcn. Greg Kandra

Jason Evert Chooses Select International Tours and Cruises

Jason Evert

Deacon Greg Kandra Chooses Select International Tours

Crystalina Evert

Emily Stimpson Chapman Chooses Select

Emily Stimpson Chapman

Tsh Oxenreider Chooses Select International Tours and Cruises

Tsh Oxenreider

Katie Prejean McGrady

Katie Prejean McGrady

Katie Prejean McGrady

Bree Dail

Keith Nester chooses Select International Tours

Keith Nester

Fr Patrick Mary Briscoe Chooses Select International Tours

Fr Patrick Mary Briscoe

The Catholic Man Show Chooses Select International Tours

The Catholic Man Show

The Catholic Talk Show Chooses Select International Tours

The Catholic Talk Show

Select Works With the Best Guides

Select International Tours only works with the best and most ethical guides in the business. We wouldn't trust your trip to anyone we don't trust.

I'm emailing to give a strong and heartfelt recommendation for our Holy Land guide, Hani. I also commend the bus driver, though I must admit I've forgotten his name. I recall that at some of the sights where Hani shared a short spiritual reflection/comment—and I happened to be scheduled to preach at Mass at that site—I thought that what he shared was as worthwhile and inspiring as anything I had preached or was planning to preach, depending on whose comments had come first.

Fr. Charles "Chuck" Wood

Your Trip Supports Christians Living in the Holy Land

Select to Give was founded in 2014, by Select International Tours, Inc. as a not-for-profit 501 c (3) Foundation with the intent of helping Christians of the Holy Land stay in their homelands with the freedom to worship, be educated, and work in a safe and healthy environment. 
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Our Mission

The Holy Land (Jordan, Israel, and Palestine) is home to over 350,000 Christians, most of whom are descendants of Jesus’ disciples and those whom the disciples converted. Sixty years ago, Christians accounted for about 18% of the population of the Holy Land; now they are only about 2%. There remain about 50,000 Christians in the Palestinian territories. The Select to Give Foundation exists to help the Christians of the Holy Land! Through the funding and creation of programs and partnerships, we support innovative community efforts to help Christians achieve a safer and more prosperous existence.

Your Trip Supports This Mission

Select International Tours donates a portion of every registration to Select to Give. 100% of the donations received by Select to Give directly support Christians living in the Holy Land through various programs. To learn more, please visit:

Learn more about Select to Give by watching this interview with Dominic from Smart Catholics.

Peace of Mind with Travel Protection Plans

Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection Plans

Cancel for Any Reason coverage is not a stand-alone travel protection plan but an optional add-on coverage that expands trip cancellation coverage to include canceling a trip for any reason. The optional additional coverage must be added to the travel protection plan at the time of the original plan purchase and within 10 days of receiving your initial trip deposit. Additional terms apply.

Do You Want to Plan a Trip for Your Group?

Select International Tours and Cruises was established in 1987 to help you organize group travel. You can be confident in choosing Select because you will be getting expert advice, carefully planned trips, and complete support from a company with over 30 years of hard-earned expertise.


Our specialized approach to faith-based travel keeps our clients returning year after year. And we are excited to help you organize a focused and prayerful pilgrimage!

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