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Our Engagement on Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Can a pilgrimage be life-changing? It was for me! I have always wanted to travel to the Holy Land but never knew how it would be possible. When I finally had the opportunity to make a pilgrimage there this summer, I did not hesitate! My hopes were high for this...
Email Invitation to Special Series

Email Invitation For A Special Series

Special Invitation We have a special invitation for you to join us for a travel tips series. Please click the link if you would like to receive the travel tips in this series directly to your email inbox: Email Sign Up PS. Don't forget to share with your friends and...

Two Steps to a Better Pilgrimage

There are many things to consider when setting out on a pilgrimage. If you have any doubt, look through our Two Minute Tips to see answers to some frequently asked questions. While we are ready to go through a packing list, make several calls, and check in to flights...
The State of Pilgrimage Travel July 2022 Select International

The State of Pilgrimage Travel

Pilgrimage travel is back, but travel looks different than what we are all used to. Since January this year, Select International Tours has sent over 30 different pilgrimage groups to nearly every destination we travel to. In each of those trips, we have seen things...
Support Our Ukrainian Brothers and Sisters

Supporting Our Ukrainian Brothers and Sisters

We are praying for Ukraine's protection and for God’s continued grace upon them. As you might imagine, the recent events in Ukraine have forced many of our Christian brothers and sisters to flee their homes, separate their families, and lose so much in the process. ...

Do You Have a Story to Tell?

Do you have a pilgrimage story to share? Do you have some tips or tricks that might help pilgrims? We would love to see your stories and consider them for our blog.

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