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Group Leadership: When God Asks You to Zip Up Your Suitcase

As I zipped my last suitcase shut the night before the first Catholic Feminist pilgrimage, I turned to my husband and with a typical-of-me overdramatic sigh, said I am never doing this again.  Our pilgrimage partner is the absolute best at ironing out details, so it...
To Be a Pilgrim, in Catholic Poland

To Be a Pilgrim, in Catholic Poland

As Divine Mercy is manifested throughout the universal Church, the spotlight continues to shine on the nation of Poland. Today, the people of Poland are hosting millions of evacuees from their war-torn neighbor, Ukraine—caring for them in their own homes rather than...
The Future of Pilgrimage Travel (1)

The Future of Pilgrimage Travel

The New Year celebration in the Select International Tours office was filled with significantly more reverie than in the recent past. As of this writing, there are over 96 pilgrimage trips planned and taking reservations for 2023. A number of them are already sold out...
Bucket List to Life Decision

Bucket List to Life Decision

As you might imagine, we hear a lot of stories from pilgrims. Every so often, one stands out. When Elizabeth emailed us, her story stood out; WAY out. “I recently went on a pilgrimage with Jason Evert to the Holy Lands through Select. While there, God called me to...

Our Engagement on Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

Can a pilgrimage be life-changing? It was for me! I have always wanted to travel to the Holy Land but never knew how it would be possible. When I finally had the opportunity to make a pilgrimage there this summer, I did not hesitate! My hopes were high for this...

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Holy Land Impressions by Rose Sweet

Holy Land Impressions by Rose Sweet

Back from our 10-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land. My heart is still in another world even though my feet are in California.
I knew I would experience emotions, but I also knew not to force it. Just sit back and let the Lord speak to me. I was unprepared…

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