We Are Here for You

We are in the business of helping people plan and enjoy their pilgrimage trips. Our goal is to constantly improve the quality of our service making it easier for you to entrust your travel plans to us.

We Are Here for You

Our Story

Edita Krunic, our company President, began Select international Tours thirty-five years ago with the goal of getting more people to the sacred sites in Medjugorje. Her faith was rewarded when Select International Tours became the first US company to send pilgrims there! Soon, she was helping Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant leaders to organize pilgrimages for their groups to sacred sites around the world.

Today, Select International is known for its compassion, service, and innovation. Select International Tours and Cruises pioneered faith-based group travel programs that combine faith and food, faith and fitness, and was the first company to offer Small Ship Pilgrimage Cruises.

Select International is a small company with a big heart. Our 501(c)3 charitable foundation, Select to Give, directly supports Christians living in the Holy Land. Learn more on the Select to Give website.

“Thank you Select, you are a gift to pilgrims who travel with your company! I wish everyone knew about you and how great you are.”

a pilgrim to Lourdes

Select International President Edita Krunic

What Your Peers Say About Us

Our 10 Commitments to You

1. Realizing Your Vision is Our Joy

Hi, I am Edita, and I design all our pilgrimages and tours.  My family, staff, and I  go on them — and we love them all. My great joy comes from designing a new, unique travel program or working with a group leader who is as committed to trip content and quality as we are.  

Since the very beginning, my recipe for great pilgrimages has been, great service, before, during, and after the trip. We plan every detail so you can relax, knowing you are in good experienced hands and we strive to provide business ethics that give you real peace of mind.

2. You Deserve More. We’ll Deliver.

I love tapping into the buying power that comes with over thirty years in business. We know what works, where we should save money, and where we need to be more generous when planning trips. We have done it thousands of times. 

We are not the company with the cheapest or with the most expensive trips. We are the company with the best value in trips; which means more people will have the chance to go on a pilgrimage.

3. Faith-First Educational and Enriching Trips

Your tour guide matters! They can make or break a trip; which is why we vet and hand-select the best English-speaking Christian tour guides for your group. You don’t have to worry about getting the right guide because we only pick guides that are trustworthy and who share our love for the faith. We make sure that they are knowledgeable and have a servant’s heart, so that your group is cared for with the love and dedication of a seasoned professional guide, who shares your faith, and speaks your language.

4. This is a Pilgrimage. We Get it. 

If you want a pilgrimage, not a religious vacation, go with a company that “get’s it.”* 

Anyone can see a few Holy Sites while traveling, but will your pilgrimage will be steeped in the Sacraments?  That is why we go out of our way to confirm daily Mass in actual churches and make sure that your group is led by a Priest in good standing who will celebrate Mass and administer the sacraments. And no one wants to feel like they are touring a foreign country on a hamster wheel. This is why we work hard to make sure that your group has time set aside for prayer and reflection. 

*according to Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

5. We Don’t Work with Everyone

We don’t work with everyone. Only the most caring, committed, and exceptional leaders in the market work with Select International Tours.

6. Active Itineraries 

While your trip will set time aside for Mass, prayer, and reflection, it won’t be a passive experience. Your trip is designed for energetic and curious people of faith, who are ready for the experience of a lifetime. 

Visiting shrines and sacred sights will trump shopping. Guided city tours, culinary delights, unique cultural activities, and bus rides between them all will keep your group moving. But all that time on your feet will be rewarded over dinner and drinks while you and your pilgrims relive and retell the stories of the day.

7. Unique Experiences and Memorable Meals.

Our prices include all group sightseeing, all buffet breakfasts, and most of your dinners. We like sampling local food and wine and meeting the local populations as in our Sharing the Bread Christian Dinner in Bethlehem. If there’s a great sight along your route, an interesting cultural activity, or a tasty local dish, believe me…you’ll experience it!

Your trip will strike an excellent balance that protects your budget, allows ample time to pray and reflect, and gives you unparalleled access to sacred sights; all while giving you the freedom to make delightful discoveries of your own with the help of a seasoned tour guide.

8. High-Quality and Well-Located Hotels.

To help you feel settled for a good night’s sleep, we try to plan our itineraries with stops for two nights in a row and to minimize hotel changes. 

We work hard on securing space at good quality, centrally located hotels, comfortable first-class hotels. Buffet breakfast and some dinners are at the hotels.

9. Partners Not Sales People

When you or your pilgrims have a question, you don’t want to talk to a salesperson. You don’t want to wade through phone menus or get bounced around until someone can help you. That’s why you call Jane, Rebecca, Mirela, Evelyn, Matt, Marienna, or Edita. You deserve to be on a first-name basis with your pilgrimage partner. That’s how we see it. 

You shouldn’t have to chase us for answers. If we can’t take your call, we promise to get back to you within one business day. Period. And while you are traveling, you will have 24/7 access to one of our Account Managers via phone, so you never have to wait for assistance.

10. Every Trip Will Be Your Best Trip

We follow up after every trip with a wrap-up call to the group leaders. We read post-pilgrimage surveys from our tour members. Seriously. My staff and I read each one, taking careful notes. We keep in mind the comments and feedback every time we plan a new trip and create a new itinerary. 

To translate your thoughts and my research into action, I consult our on-the-ground partners and guides constantly so your trip is the best it can possibly be.

We are constantly improving because you deserve a pilgrimage partner that is always working to make every trip your best trip yet.

Our Team


When you call or email Select, you’re going to get personal service from a familiar voice. We are on a first-name basis with many of our clients, because they come back year after year. You will never be a number at Select. You are our top priority.

Our team is excited to meet you and help you have the trip of a lifetime! We are well-traveled, professional, friendly, and available to help you every step of the way. Send us an email or give us a call. We’re happy to help.

Edita Select International Tours and Cruises

Edita is ready to depart on a Danube pilgrimage Cruise

Ramona enjoying Germany

Jane, on pilgrimage in the Holy Land

Jane, found a friend on pilgrimage in Bethany

Kathleen Playing on Pilgrimage in Paris

Kathleen Playing on Pilgrimage in Paris

Marienna on Pilgrimage in Greece

Marienna, on pilgrimage in Greece

“I worked with many good pilgrimage companies, now I work with Select because they are excellent. They understand what I want and get things done that no other company was able to get for me and my pilgrims.”

Fr. Leo Patalinghug

Plating Grace

Matt Pilgrimage to Italy Select International Tours

Matt, approves of the views on pilgrimage to Italy

Mirela Select International Tours Vienna

Mirela, enjoying a shore excursion on a pilgrimage Cruise

Rebecca enjoying her time in Portugal

Rebecca enjoying her time in Portugal

Edita with owners of the Amadeus Cruise Line

“WOW!!! Thank you, what an amazing experience, even the second time around!!!  I cannot think of anyone who went on the trip that was disappointed, in fact, in Israel people were asking what the next trip is going to be.”

Sandra Jean

“My experience from start to finish was exceptional.  Select did a wonderful job with the entire trip, including flights, accommodations, meals, ground transportation, and itinerary.”


“Thanks so much for all you have done to make this pilgrimage such an inspiring success.”

Stephen J. Binz

“…a most special thank you to Edita Krunic at Select International Tours for taking a chance with me and making my calling a reality.”

Ceci Triska

Our Core Values

We want to be the best part of your day! We choose to live as pilgrims. 


Problem solvers: We recognize how important our work is to each person we serve. We strive to find solutions and provide superior service – and genuinely enjoy helping our clients and one another succeed!

Innovators: We take calculated risks, explore unique approaches, and blaze new trails in our industry.

Life-long learners, who evolve: We are smart and dedicated to doing the job well! We know we can always get better! Mistakes are ok as long as we own them and learn something from them.


Gets it done: Clients trust us to take care of their trip details and we take that very seriously!


Rise above: We focus on solutions, not problems. We build bridges, not walls


Integrity and accountability: We treat others with respect and as we would have them treat us.

Mindful service: Our goal is to be to make our clients, suppliers, and teammates feel appreciated and valued!

Showing gratitude: We say thank you and enjoy our workday! We are grateful to each other because our success belongs to our team. We are grateful to our clients because without them we would not be Select International Tours!

Why Choose Select?

You want to know that you are in good hands, that you are staying in great hotels, that you’re touring with the best guides, and that every detail of your trip has been addressed. When you have a question, you want to talk to a real person who shares your faith and has been to the places where you’re traveling. You want to work with a tour operator, you can trust, one that lives out their promises and helps Christians living in the places you visit.

That is precisely what Select International Tours and Cruises offers you.

Select shares your faith

Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant

Our staff is comprised of practicing Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant faithful. We share your faith and we honor your tradition. Don’t settle for anything less.


Woman with Select International Tours Flag

Select is Flexible

We can make it happen

Whether you need help perfecting an itinerary, rescheduling a trip, or accomodating special needs for your group, we are ready to help! Our stability, experience, and network allow us to do things that other travel companies can’t. Let’s work together and make your trip extraordinary.


Cardinal Raymond Burke Travel with Select International Tours and Cruises

Select is Experienced

34 Years of Pilgrimage

Select International Tours and Cruises has been organizing faith-based group travel for 34 years and counting. We have built strong relationships around the world, weathered many challenges, and remain secure and financially sound.


Select International Tours and Cruises Gives back to Christians Living in the Holy Land

Select is Trusted

Great leaders choose Select

Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, Pastors, Evangelists, Television and Radio personalities, Authors, Podcasters, and Musicians all choose Select to organize their pilgrimage group trips.


See Your Favorite Saints with Select International Tours and Cruises

Select Gives Back

Select to Give

Christians who live in the Holy Land face significant challenges. We couldn’t stand by and do nothing, so we started Select to Give; the only volunteer administrated charity that directly supports Christians living in the Holy Land.


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