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The Future of Pilgrimage Travel 2024

The Future of Pilgrimage Travel in 2024

A New Year is upon us again, and we are excited to see all that 2024 brings. We are seeing signs of hope for returning to Israel in 2024. Greece is becoming a very hot destination, and the coming Jubilee year in Italy is causing quite a stir. Read on to learn more....
Greetings from Hogar Nino Dios in Bethlehem

Greetings from Hogar Ninos Dios in Bethlehem!

In the summer of 2022, I went on a pilgrimage with Select International Tours to the Holy Lands. It was a trip of a lifetime with countless blessings and a birthday present that changed the trajectory of my life. My 26th birthday happened to fall on the day that we...
What It's Like to Walk Through Ireland

What It’s Like to Walk Through Ireland…it was worth every second (yes, even with 43 people)

  How can I possibly write about the entirety of emotions, experiences, and epiphanies from leading a group of strangers for one week in Ireland in just a few paragraphs? I can’t, so I won’t try. But I’ll share the highlights. To start, Ireland is otherworldly....
The Way of Mercy pilgrimage to Catholic Poland

The Way of Mercy: Pilgrimage in Catholic Poland – with Stephen J. Binz

Aside from being a prolific author, Stephen J. Binz is a seasoned pilgrimage leader. He has now led dozens of trips with Select International Tours, and his pilgrims consistently return with high praise for the care and attention he gives to all who travel with him....

Group Leadership: When God Asks You to Zip Up Your Suitcase

As I zipped my last suitcase shut the night before the first Catholic Feminist pilgrimage, I turned to my husband and with a typical-of-me overdramatic sigh, said I am never doing this again.  Our pilgrimage partner is the absolute best at ironing out details, so it...

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Holy Land Impressions by Rose Sweet

Holy Land Impressions by Rose Sweet

Back from our 10-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land. My heart is still in another world even though my feet are in California.
I knew I would experience emotions, but I also knew not to force it. Just sit back and let the Lord speak to me. I was unprepared…

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We are Partnering with the Catholic Feminist Podcast

We are Partnering with the Catholic Feminist Podcast

Today, Select International Tours and Cruises is excited to announce our partnership with the Catholic Feminist Podcast. We understand that the word “feminist” is not usually associated with “Catholic.” Which is one of the reasons we are so excited about this partnership.

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The God Quest: Faith-Based Travel

Exploring the difference between taking a vacation and making a pilgrimage.

By Denise Bossert

One of my favorite Bible stories comes from the book of Ruth. It is the prototype for all faith travel. It captures the mysterious dynamic of the life-changing pilgrimage experience.

When one stands in Bethlehem and looks out over Shepherds’ Field, the stories rise to the surface and people of faith cannot help but stand in awe, remembering.

Standing there, you remember the angels who sang to shepherds in that field, announcing the Messiah’s arrival, but you also remember the things of the Old Testament: the fall of Jericho and Rahab who helped save God’s people. You think of her son Boaz and Bethlehem where he lived. Your mind goes to Naomi who left Bethlehem and traveled to Moab (Jordan) with her husband during a time of famine and settled there until her husband and both sons died. But mostly, you think of Ruth, Naomi’s daughter-in-law. Ruth provides us with a glimpse into the mystery of pilgrimage, what it is, how it changes us, the gifts it yields.

After Naomi lost her husband and sons, she returned to Bethlehem along with Ruth.

Ruth’s words to Naomi become the mantra of every pilgrim. Ruth looks over her shoulder at what she is leaving behind, and then she locks her eyes on Naomi and says, “Where you go, I will go. Where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.”

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