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The graces of pilgrimage are real. They are powerful. They endure. And they’re for everyone—married and single, young and old, adults and children. So, on this very special pilgrimage to Italy, everyone, of all ages and states in life, is invited to join us, including the littlest ones.

We’re calling this pilgrimage family friendly, but it’s really human friendly. The pace will be a little slower, and there will be more time each day for praying and resting, reading and exploring, wandering and lingering long over a glass of wine with new friends. If you have children, they will have new friends to make too, and you’ll be with other parents who understand the unique challenges and joys of traveling with little ones.

Time will tell if our children remember these trips. But we will. You will. And even as the memories fade, the graces will linger, shaping the hearts, minds, and souls of every pilgrim, young and old. We are so excited to share the experience of pilgrimage with our children, and can’t wait to share it with you, too. 

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