Request Connecting Air or Seat Upgrades

We are happy to assist you in obtaining domestic airfare from your gateway or upgrades to business class or premium economy. However, Select International Tours is a group tour operator dealing with large volumes of group airfare and we are not able to provide multiple individual quotes. Please note the following:

  • We work with instant purchase fares and the full Payment is due within 24 hours of the quote. You will need to overnight a check, pay online, or initiate a wire transfer to pay the full cost of your ticket or upgrade to hold the space and price quoted. If the payment is not received we will not be able to help you any further with the reservations.
  • We can only assist with domestic air starting about 120 days prior to the group departure.
  • We work with non-refundable tickets and once they are issued they cannot be changed.

We offer assistance with individual domestic flights and upgrades as a courtesy to our clients, and in order to do so efficiently we ask that you follow this simple process:

  1. Assure that your departure is less than 120 days away.
  2. Please complete the attached form so that we may be able to get you the best quote*
  3. When you receive the quote, please make payment (in full) for the ticket within 24 hours**

**Please note that we are able to quote air only once.
**Quoted prices from our air department are only guaranteed for 24 hours.

Your air allowance credit, if applicable, will be applied toward your final balance.

Should you have more in-depth needs requiring specific flight times, seats & airlines, airport comparisons, using frequent flier miles, air vouchers, et cetera, we suggest you contact the airlines directly or online to make those arrangements.