Fr. Michael Alello

Join Fr. Michael Alello on pilgrimage

Fr. Michael Alello is a priest from the Diocese of Baton Rouge, endurance athlete, coffee drinker, and adventurous foodie. He loves traveling and experiencing God through conversations with folks from all cultures and backgrounds. He pastors St. Thomas More Catholic Church & School, in the city of Baton Rouge. Fr. Michael is a passionate preacher, often challenging the community to see Christ in the face of all people, share the gift of mercy with others, and recognize the grace of God within everyone.
Why travel to the Holy land? A trip to the Holy Land is an amazing opportunity to allow the sacred scripture to come alive. The chance to walk where Jesus walks will change your life forever. You will never hear the scriptures without being immediately drawn back to the places you were blessed to visit. A pilgrimage offers a chance to delve deeper into your faith, make new friends, and pass a good time.

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