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Travis Lowe is the founder of The HopeWords Writers’ Conference and Pastor of Crossroads Church in Bluefield WV.



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Also on This Trip

Poet-Priest Malcolm Guite was Chaplain for 20 years at Girton College, Cambridge, and remains Supernumerary Fellow. His books include David’s Crown (2021), Love, Remember (2017); Mariner, a spiritual biography of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (2017); Parable and Paradox (2016); The Singing Bowl (2013); Sounding the Seasons (2012); Theology and the Poetic Imagination (2010) and Faith Hope and Poetry (2006). Malcolm has edited two poetry anthologies for Lent and Advent: The Word in the Wilderness (2014) and Waiting on the Word (2015). After Prayer, Malcolm’s poetic response to George Herbert’s poem Prayer was published in 2019. Malcolm has a particular interest in the imagination as a truth-bearing faculty and continues to reflect deeply on how poetry can stimulate and re-awaken our prayer life.

Andrew Wilson is teaching pastor at King’s Church London and has theology degrees from Cambridge (MA), London School of Theology (MTh), and King’s College London (Ph.D.). He is an award-winning columnist for Christianity Today and has written several books, including his most recent, God of All Things: Rediscovering the Sacred in Everyday Life. Andrew says, “This book listens to the messages in creation and offers a meditation on who God is based on his creation. My hope is you will get a deeper understanding not just of Scripture but of the world you live in, and ultimately of the God who made it all. I love the idea you might be walking down the street one day, see one of the things we consider in this book and get jolted out of your daydream to wonder and worship.”

Some of his other books include Echoes of Exodus, Spirit, and Sacrament, Incomparable, and Sophie and the Heidelberg Cat. Andrew is married to Rachel and they have three children: Zeke, Anna, and Samuel.

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