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Join Peco and Ruth Gaskovski on the Camino

Peco and Ruth Gaskovski write together on the popular newsletters School of the Unconformed and Pilgrims in the Machine, where they share practical inspiration and encouragement for staying human in the digital age. Peco is the author of the science fiction novel Exogenesis (Ignatius Press) and has been featured in The European ConservativeCatholic World ReportThe Imaginative Conservative, as well as various podcasts and radio shows. He is a lifelong writer of fiction, a dedicated student of the mind, and a practicing psychologist. Ruth grew up in Switzerland where she developed a deep appreciation for a variety of languages, long mountain hikes, and delicious pastries before adventuring to Canada. She has a MA in Applied Linguistics, is a home educator, has founded and co-ordinated various community programs, and loves bringing people of all backgrounds together.

Peco and Ruth have lived in bustling cities, a wind-swept island in the Atlantic, and Switzerland. They now make their home in Canada with their three children on the borders of Mennonite country. They would love you to join them on the ancient Camino pilgrimage!


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Also joining us on this trip:

Seth Haines is a writer, photographer, and attorney living in the heart of the Ozark Mountains. He has written three books–Coming Clean, The Book of Waking Up, and The Deep Down Things (co-written with Amber Haines)Seth combines words and images to share stories about God’s sacramental nature in the world around us. For years, Seth has dreamed of walking the Camino with a group of like-minded pilgrims. He’s looking forward to sharing the experience with you.

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