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Plating Grace and Grub is much more than a food truck. We are on a mission to provide formation and training to ex-offenders (formerly incarcerated) while serving those most in need in our communities. Click below to learn more about why we do what we do! Ready to make your taste buds dance through the exciting flavors of Latin America? Dreaming of being transported to an Italian seaside villa? How about a road trip through the BBQ traditions of the USA? Whatever mood you’re in, we’ve got a delicious and satisfying dish with your name on it.

Food, Fun, and Faith: Travel on Pilgrimage with Fr. Leo

Fr. Leo’s background makes him a true leader for pilgrimages, which he’s been doing since 1999. Having lived in Europe and in Vatican City State while studying for priesthood, he’s gained extensive knowledge of the people and places where he travels but also pastoral understanding of the needs of each traveling passenger. He’s more than a tour leader, he’s a shepherd that cares for his flock! Pilgrims who have been on other tours agree, Fr. Leo’s “style” of pilgrimage is exceptional! If you are interested in joining Father Leo on pilgrimage, click below.

“We are called to be pilgrims, on our way to a heavenly feast. We can journey by walking, following our food truck, and even going across the seas to destinations that literally feed you in body, mind, and spirit. Be sure to join us for an amazing journey that transforms us into plating grace and grub pilgrims!” 
Fr. Leo Patalinghug

Plating Grace and Grub

Join Father Leo Patalinghug on Pilgrimage with Select International Tours!

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Pilgrimage of Prayer and Praise to Jordan, and the Holy Land September 13-25 Select International Tours
Saints, Suppers, and Songs Pilgrimage to Italy May 13-23, 2022 - 22SP05ITLP
Saints, Suppers, and Songs Pilgrimage to Italy May 13-23, 2022 - 22SP05ITLP

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