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Before too much time passes I wanted to share some thoughts/feedback on the Rome pilgrimage last month.
I had never been on a pilgrimage before, so I have nothing to compare it to………but I thought it was wonderful, beyond all expectations!!
Father Larry was wonderful.  I had always wanted to meet him.  I had always wanted to go to Rome, and I wanted to go with a priest so that we would have Mass every day in some special place.  It truly was a blessing to have Mass in so many holy chapels and churches!  Certainly one of the highlights.
I like that we stayed at least two nights in each hotel………instead of arriving somewhere late, checking in, then leaving early the next morning!
I liked that the itinerary was packed and that we were busy all day.  After all, who wants to sit around in a hotel room and rest!  There was so much to see, and I’m glad that the schedule kept us busy.  And it was nice to have free time to go off on our own.
Yes, there was a lot of walking, but that was fine with me.  That’s how exploring is done!
The hotels were great.  The eating places were great!  I loved the winery in Siena.
The other 29 pilgrims in our group were great.  We plan on staying in touch!
Our bus driver, Daniele, was great.
Finally, I can’t say enough good things about our guide, Giorgio Guardi.  He was the best!  He was what made the trip great!  He was the perfect leader/organizer from the moment he greeted us at the Rome airport until we checked in at the Venice airport and left for our gate.  He was friendly, helpful, caring, so knowledgeable, always on top of things, knew how to handle ‘glitches’ that came up.  He guided me through the process of contacting my credit card company when the ATM machine ate my credit card…….he lent me his phone and even lent me some euros.  He is a lovely, lovely person.  I can’t say enough good things about him.
I have no negative comments, no complaints at all about the trip. I can’t think of anything to change or improve.  It was the trip of a lifetime.
Thank you for all your help!  Keep up the good work!”
Select International President Edita Krunic
Fr Larry Richards Chooses Select

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I cannot put into words adequately what it was like to be where Jesus was born, lived, preached, died and was resurrected. It still seems so surreal to me that I touched His tomb, touched Golgotha, touched the slab where He was laid. The God of the universe, who always was, is, and will be allowed me to experience His life on earth. I’ll treasure these memories until I see Him in Heaven (with His grace to get me there).

Dr. Paul

I’ve never been out of the country so this was an amazing experience for me. Everyone was welcoming and the citizens were friendly and forthcoming. Each place we visited provided me with comfort and I felt at peace during this trip. It definitely was an unforgettable experience.


Our trip to the Holy Land with Stephen Binz and Select International exceeded our expectations! The pilgrimage was well planned and ordered, and everything was first class. Our days were packed, as we were able to visit so many holy sites, and visit them with prayer and often song. There was a beautiful level of spirituality to the trip which I so appreciated.


It was a fast-paced tour, but I can’t image missing anything we saw. Normandy was a highlight and especially Lourdes. What a beautiful experience.


This was my second group pilgrimage and this one was considerably better than the first. The accommodations were great, everything was well planned, the guide and leader were incredibly knowledgeable and the number of significant religious sites we visited was unbelievable. I now have a better understanding of my faith and can relate more to scripture. I highly recommend it to everyone.


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