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Join Sandra Jean on Pilgrimage

I read somewhere: “Let me not criticize my neighbor till I have walked a mile in his/her shoes”, and that has been my motto from that point on.  As a teacher, I tried always to do better, be better and when students came to me for advice,(because I taught religious studies), I knew I needed to have the proper skill set to help them.  I went back to school and got a degree in school counseling, after several years of counseling, I realized that administratively I needed to make changes.  Again, I went back and got a degree in Administration and Supervision.

 After I left education per se, I went into parish work and had the opportunity to fulfill one of the things on my bucket list, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  I am still impacting the graces from that trip.  My friends hearing my story asked when was I going to plan something for them, and a new path opened up for me:  walking in the steps of Faith with others and sharing that mile with them.

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