What Do I Do If I Test Positive While Traveling?

As many pilgrims prepare to travel this summer, the question on the minds of many pilgrims is what to do if they test positive while traveling. Most importantly, don’t panic. Whatch the video and read below for details.

If you test positive for COVID while traveling, we want you to know exactly what to do..  We recommend that you read through all the steps before taking action:


  • Don’t Panic! 
  • Ask for a second test to rule out a false positive.
  • Contact the airline and cancel your return trip.  You can use the 6-character airline reservation code which was highlighted on your reservation document to reference your booking. 
  • Contact the insurance company to inform them of your situation and to open a claim.  The insurance company will be able to guide you as to what is covered under your policy and what procedures you need to follow to ensured that your claim is properly supported. If you purchased Travel Protection through our partner (Travel Insured International), the 24/7 emergency number is highlighted in the letter.  Your individual plan number can be found next to your name in the appropriate plan category.  
  • If you have tested positive and your travel companion has tested negative, we recommend that you verify the details of coverage for both parties with the insurance company.
  • Our overseas ground partner and your guide will assist you with finding lodging for the duration of your quarantine.
  • You are responsible for paying the additional costs for meals, lodging, transfers and re-booking your return flight.  Please keep all your receipts to submit to the travel insurance company.
  • Once you are cleared to travel, call Select and we can assist with re-booking your return flights.


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