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You can choose from dozens of trips to Catholic Sites around the world! Please hover over the pictures below to learn more about the sites, or click on them to see what’s currently scheduled.

Holy Lands with Select
Catholic Pilgrimage to Italy
Catholic Pilgrimage to France
Catholic Pilgrimage to Fatima Lourdes Spain
Catholic Pilgrimage to Greece and Turkey

So Many Inspiring Locations in the World

God created a beautiful world, and the more we see it, the more we know of Him. When you travel with Select International Tours, you will visit beautiful places and join in the good news of our salvation story by walking where the stories in scripture happened and the places where the Saints made their marks. Hover your mouse over any of the destinations above or below to learn more, or click the button for tips on choosing your next pilgrimage.

Catholic Pilgrimage to Ireland England Scotland
Catholic Pilgrimage to Austria German Switzerland
Catholic Pilgrimage to Mexico and Cuba
Catholic Pilgrimage to Poland

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Every Trip You Take with Select Supports Christian Families in the Holy Land

We are working to ensure that Christians have the support they need to remain in the Holy Land.

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