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Are you a pilgrim or a tourist?

By Mathew Kelly My friend Fr. Bob Sherry and I have been hosting pilgrimages for a long time. Our current schedule includes three trips each year: the Holy Land; Lourdes and Paris (France); and Rome, Assisi, and Florence (Italy). On the opening night, we always ask...

10 Best Biblical Verses About Travel

Some wonderful Bible verses to keep in mind on your next pilgrimage from Eliza Myers at GoingOnFaith.com: The constant movement between meals, hotels and daily attractions can make a trip go by in a blur. To reflect on the importance of your journey, you need to...

Santarem and Vila Viçosa

Some spectacular photographs taken in  Santarem and Vila Viçosa (Portugal) by Select International’s Office Administrator and pilgrim Isabel Augusto. She writes: “The art and architecture are definitely worth the visit. The Our Lady of the Assumption...

Is God calling you to go on a pilgrimage?

Pilgrimages are not a new thing. People have journeyed to places of special spiritual significance for thousands of years. God calls on people to make pilgrimages. Going back to the time of the ancient Hebrews, the faithful were called to journey to Jerusalem on a...

How to be a good pilgrim?

More and more, group leaders who want to help pilgrims get the full pilgrimage experience are faced with overcoming a fixation with images and technology that completely overshadows experiencing the reality of setting off on a journey, meeting new people, exploring...

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